Quick Facts
My name is Jolanda
Previously known as Jade
25 years old
Born on July 2, 1994
Dark brown hair, green eyes
5’8″ (1,73m) tall
I like reading, writing, photography, music and movies
Afraid of heights (and I don’t trust birds)

Dig a little deeper
Hi, I’m Jolanda, previously known as Jade (2010-2016) on the Internet, but after a few years I decided to go by my own name again. I was born on July 2, 1994, which makes me 25 years old.
I’m a primary school teacher since January 2018, but I studied Educational Psychology (graduated 2016). Since that doesn’t provide a teaching certificate, I’m now actually studying to earn one.

I’m that type of girl that usually likes some alone time with a good book, a Disney movie or a TV series. Also, I like to spend time with my husband Rick. We got married on May 25, 2018, and he is the funniest and sweetest guy you will ever meet.
And oh yes, I’m probably the biggest ‘Disnerd’ (Disney nerd) you can think of. Movies, books, CD’s, even some clothes and two pairs of Mickey ears (purchased in the parks), I have it all and I’m not ashamed of it.

When it comes to music, I have a few artists and bands that I will always adore. Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Kalafina, and Michael Jackson are my absolute favorites. Depending on my mood, I also enjoy music by Imagine Dragons, Demi Lovato, Phil Collins, 80s music, and general music you hear on the everyday radio.


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  1. Hi Jade. How do you get in touch with Japanese music like NamieAmuro. Is there a Japanese community in your neighbourhood? I am from Malaysia, also listening to Jpop, but I don’t understand the language. Do you read Japanese?

    • Hi benjamin, so nice of you to comment^^ I got in touch with Japanese music while searching for good music downloads about six years ago. It started with Ayumi Hamasaki, then I discovered artists as Koda Kumi and ofcourse Namie Amuro. There is no Japanese community here, I don’t even know a single Japanese person. So I discovered J-Pop all by myself^^
      I don’t exactly read Japanese, but I think the language is beautiful and I can understand (contexts of) certain phrases and words because I listen to J-Pop. You learn while listening =)

  2. It’s understandable how you started with Ayumi. Everyone goes thro an Ayumi-phase when listening to Jpop but eventually arrives elsewhere. Can I recommend Chihiro Onitsuka esp her ‘This Armor’ CD of 2002. It’s online somewhere. Very musical stuff.

    • I will certainly check it out, thanks!

  3. Hi there! I discovered your website a few days ago when I was searching for reviews for Kumi’s albums as she’s my new addition to my playlist. I must say that I like very much your reviews ‘cuz you’re one of the few reviewers that don’t go on a dramatic tone such as:”This song is a complete mess” or “this album is terrible”.You tend to give every song even the smallest chance.Wish you luck with your posts!
    P.s. – by the way, I’m also 18.

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting, I never thought people would actually notice the fact that I try to hear the best in every song haha. But it’s true just like you said ^^
      I see you made Kumi a new addition to your playlist, I hope you love her music like I do! If you ever request an album or single review that isn’t on the blog yet, I’d be happy to write it 🙂

  4. Hi again! I was just thinking to ask u if you could review Kuu’s Kingdom (as it’s the only album that you didn’t review) and Ayu’s Rainbow & NEXT LEVEL (these two are priority)? I’ve already listened to them, especially Ayu’s for a long time now but I always like to hear other opinions about music that I like.
    Changing subject, I’m really glad that u love so much LOVE again from Ayu because it’s such a solid album from her ‘cuz I’ve noticed that a lot of people dislike it because it’s too “safe”. Just like a lot of people disliked Party Queen because it’s too experimental.My opinion is that both albums are very good: Party Queen for its versatility and the latter for its huge emotions and epicness.

    • Ofcourse I can review those albums, I love them so I’ll hop to it asap ~ :3
      And it’s great to hear your opinion about said Ayu albums, indeed I love LOVE again (I even think it’s one of the strongest albums of 2013), and although I didn’t really adore Party Queen I must say it has grown on me 🙂

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