Link exchange

So you wanna link Music Addiction? Thanks! I have a couple of buttons right here for you to use, but you can always place a text link if you prefer to do so. Over time I’ll create some more buttons, they’re always 150 x 50 pixels. I’m not that severe but I have one simple rule when it comes to link exchanges:

I’ll only link you back when you have placed my URL in your blogroll the right way, I only do mutual link exchages 😉
But then again, when you do, I guarantee you a spot on my blogroll/affiliates list ofcourse.

Please don’t steal these buttons or alter them without giving credit.

150 x 50 px



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  1. Can we exchange links? 🙂

    • Ofcourse, nice blog you have!

  2. I’d like to exchange links, mine is 🙂

    • Thanks for the request, cool blog you have! I’ll add you 🙂

  3. Hey there, great blog you got here! Can we exchange links? 🙂
    You can find me at !

    • Hi! Thanks for the add, I really like your blog as well so I added you in return! ^^

  4. I loved your Kalafina reviews! Wanna exchange links?

    • Hi! Thank you, I like your reviews too so I added you back! ^^

  5. I just noticed this 😛
    Wanna do a pokemon battle 😀 ? (Exchange links)

    • OMG we’re not affiliates yet, you kiddin?! OKAY let’s fix this thing shall we, ofcourse I’ll add you! I thought I had already done that xD

      • Yay! xD

      • Sorry I can be such a dumb*ss sometimes xD

      • I thought I asked this before, but apaprently not.
        Mmmm maybe I suffer from Megalomania :P…. ok no xD

  6. Hi Jade! Um…can we exchange links? I’m trying to figure out the whole “link exchange/blogroll thing”…can you help me? This is awkward and embarrassing for me xD I guess I’ll just do what the others did and give you my link, right? Here it is:

    • Ofcourse dear, I’ll add you straight away! Please don’t feel awkward and embarrassed, I did this all the time when I just started MA! 🙂

  7. I’ve followed your blog for a long time. I’m glad to see someone else reviewing again as there aren’t as many as before. Hope you don’t mind exchanging links.

    • Sorry for the awfully late reply. It’s not someone else, it’s still me 🙂 I will add your link to my blog asap!

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