SHINee – D×D×D

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SHINee – D×D×D

1. D×D×D
2. Wishful Thinking
5. View (Japanese Ver.)
6. Your Number
7. Good Good Feeling
8. Photograph
9. Sweet Surprise
10. Sing Your Song
11. Moon Drop
12. LOVE

♦ ♦ ♦

dxdxd2D×D×D is the fourth Japanese album by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on January 1, 2016. The album peaked at #1 on the charts and has sold 61,263 copies, making it the #72 album of 2016.

Wow, the title track D×D×D is all over the place and it opens the album with a bang. It’s a typical SHINee dance track with loud synths, fierce vocals and a lot of tempo to it. There’s no easy start-up to this album, they plunge you right into it with this one. I have one small issue with the pacing in the chorus around the line ‘just got to make it groove‘, but that’s it.

The next track is a very interesting one. Wishful Thinking is funky jazz meets R&B, with some very sophisticated and leisurely parts while the rest of the song leans to a more uptempo and edgy style. The raps are a bit heavy for the style of the song, but it still brings the fire.

The album is packed with quite a number of new tracks and the third in a row is WANTED, which shows SHINee from a very different side. It’s more of a pop/rock band type of song instead of their usual pop/R&B and dance, which is nice for a change. This is the perfect song for someone like Key to show off his vocal abilities, but Minho and Key’s raps aren’t misplaced either.

BOYS WILL BE BOYS brings back the edgy and heavy electro sound that was also in D×D×D, but they added more electric guitars and brassy elements. Yet, most of it is heavily autotuned for effect, even their vocals and if there is one thing the boys don’t need it’s autotune. But I’m willing to forgive them since it’s all meant to be artistic, but I hope they don’t do this too often.

How nice to see View (Japanese Ver.) on this album, I remember loving it so much on the Korean ‘Odd’ album. Lucky for me much of the original catchiness of the chorus remains in the Japanese version and this is probably one of the few house songs that I actually like (and maybe love). So far, I like this track best.

The era leading up to this album featured two singles, of which Your Number was the first A-side. After quite some uptempo tracks, this song comes at the right time on the album with a more groovy midtempo pop/R&B approach. I still like the brass instruments throughout the song, making it very unique.

dxdxd3Good Good Feeling was the B-side for the second single of the era, ‘Sing Your Song’. On the album it feels like a sequel to Your Number, but it’s more uptempo and lighthearted. I especially love the first line of the chorus, so catchy, and the electric guitar leading into the choruses.

The next new track is Photograph, a happy and fun-filled uptempo track with a hint of dubstep to make it more interesting. It’s reminiscent of SHINee’s earliest work with its more youthful approach, but it works well for the album and it shows how well the boys work together delivering the vocals.

Sweet Surprise is really the first song to take on a more relaxed vibe, close to a ballad. I like the touch of the acoustic guitar riffs and how beautiful the boys’ voices sound. Sometimes a bit too high and Onew sounds flat in his delivery, but most of it sounds very good.

The second A-side of the era was Sing Your Song, a midtempo in which both the vocals and the piano melody steal the show. The strings give it a dreamy vibe while the percussion makes it a bit bouncy and laid back. It’s probably the best A-side of the two that are featured on the album.

Moon Drop is the piano ballad of the album, spiced up a little bit with some good percussion and strings. It feels kind of like a safe choice because it’s well established that SHINee nails this type of ballads, but it works for the album because there are already so many uptempo tracks. It’s pretty and definitely worth listening to.

Closing the album, LOVE was the B-side for Your Number and I still like how original that opening is, like a melodramatic romantic movie. It’s way more interesting a ballad than Moon Drop and it’s funny how it has always reminded me of the sound of American singer Diana DeGarmo’s song ‘Don’t Cry Out Loud’ because of those horns (just look it up if you don’t know it). Its arrangement is probably the best on the entire album, you won’t find anything as original and pretty as this.

I am VERY satiesfied with this album, can you tell? True, it’s a ‘safe’ album with not many songs that explore a new side of the group, except for LOVE maybe. Everything that is featured here has been tried before one way or another but with small alterations. I dare SHINee to step out of their comfort zone next time and give us something truly original. But why do I like this album so much then? Simple: because all of the songs are so darn catchy, but I’m used to this when it comes to SHINee. Just a bit more out of their comfort zones and they would really be on fire!

Favorite songsWishful Thinking | View (Japanese Ver.) | Your Number | Good Good Feeling | Photograph | Sing Your Song | LOVE

4 stars


SHINee – Sing Your Song

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singyoursongSINGLE REVIEW
SHINee – Sing Your Song

1. Sing Your Song
2. Good Good Feeling

Sing Your Song is the twelfth Japanese single by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on October 27, 2015. The single peaked at #1 on the charts and has sold 60,189 copies.

Sing Your Song is a nice midtempo track with a bouncy tune to it. The boy’s open the song by singing ‘sing, sing your song, sing, sing your song, sing it‘, and repeat that a couple of times, which makes it very catchy from the very start. Its arrangement is filled with handclaps, strings and a lovely piano melody, which basically always works in a SHINee song.

Something called Good Good Feeling has to be a feel-good track and of course it is. It’s a more groovy song with some nice guitars and brassy elements and it makes me think about how I don’t think I’ll ever encounter a SHINee song that isn’t incredibly catchy, because this one is for sure. Plus, Minho has a bigger role in this song than in most of the others, which is nice for a change.

4½ stars

SHINee – Odd

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SHINee – Odd

1. Odd Eye
2. Love Sick
3. View
4. Romance
5. Trigger
6. Farewell My Love
7. An Ode To You
8. Alive
9. Woof Woof
10. Black Hole
11. An Encore

♦ ♦ ♦

Odd is the fourth Korean album by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on May 18, 2015. On May 26, 2015, they released a B Version of the album. Both versions feature the same tracklist but come with different covers, photobooks, posters and member cards.

Odd Eye opens the album in a slow way, not what I was expecting but it definitely has an interesting sound. It’s like mellow R&B with some good raps by Minho in the verses, it spices things up a bit. After a while I get used to the sound of the track as a whole and I guess I like it, it just needs to grow on me a little bit more.

In the style of Replay, Love Sick is the mature version of that song putting SHINee’s masculinity in the spotlights. The roles are reversed here, now that the girl is the one who is love sick. The song has a very nice tempo to it, and I love the central role of the synths in the music and the amazing vocals (Onew!).

View is like new ground for SHINee since it’s a house track with a very catchy and danceable arrangement with keyboard chords. I understand immediately why this is the lead track, it just sounds like one of those songs that is put on repeat on major radio stations. Nice fact: Jonghyun wrote the lyrics! Another nice fact: this is one of the few house tracks that I actually LIKE!

So apparently SHINee decided to incorporate a couple of styles on their new Korean album. Romance is so different from View in that it has a funky pop style with a lot of guitar riffs that are actually quite catchy. The cowbells in the background actually reminded a little of ‘Blurred Lines’, is that weird? Just put Pharrell Williams in Korea and he’ll probably come up with a tune like this. Shoobeedooooo…

Of all the songs on the album, Trigger is probably influenced by hiphop the heaviest and it forms such a contrast with the lighter sound of the previous tracks. There are definitely some amazing parts in this track, mostly the parts where the music really breaks loose. In my opinion this track should’ve been a little less mellow, the chorus barely stands out to me.

Oooh, 90s synth music. The music of Farewell My Love is low tempo and it actually feels like a mix between 90s because of the lovely synth and piano notes and modern music because of the snappy beats. This song draws my attention more than Trigger did, also because the vocals are so much better here. They’re showing off their amazing vocal techniques which I think they should do in every single track. This is smooooth!

And now a ballad, wow these guys keep surprising me. An Ode To You sounds romantic by the title alone, but the music is also breathtaking with just a piano and strings opening. It sounds like one of those songs you’d expect in a romantic movie during a ballroom scene or something like that, it’s very pretty! It’s just so different from the rest of the songs I’d probably want this as the last track, even despite the addition of percussion and electric guitars near the end.

Bringing back the hiphop flavor in a much better way than Trigger did, there is Alive. From the very first moment that crackling beat started I’m feeling this so much. The absolute star of this song is Key with his amazing deep vocals and raps with Minho. This offers me so much more to enjoy that if there’s a competition between this and Trigger, this song would win any day. One of the absolute favorites!

Woof Woof is a very interesting track because of it’s swing and jazz influences which I liked very much, the guys handle it all so well! SHINee and brass instruments sounds so crazy it’s too good to be true. The guys are always energetic but now I can almost feel their energy bursting through my speakers. This song is CRAZY!

Black Hole sounds so… safe after all those interesting and surprising tracks preceding it. It may be one of the shortest songs on the album, but on this note it’s also the most forgettable to me too. I do like the disco sound, haven’t encountered that here yet. So it’s not bad or anything.

Closing the album there is, ofcourse, a ballad, but I think it has the perfect feel for it to be placed here! An Encore has a breathtaking chorus that makes me want to put this song on replay, and the fact that the song’s focus is on the vocals makes it even more perfect. It’s one of those songs you don’t just listen to, you can feel it as well. Love this!

I started this review on May 26, but then I got so caught up in writing my bachelor thesis that I didn’t finish it until now. I must admit the first couple of tracks didn’t really excite me like crazy, so that’s probably why I put it on hold. I didn’t expect to eventually like this album this much! From View on, it almost becomes perfection! SHINee always has a certain style, but with this album they haven’t only matured, they also showed so many different sides of themselves as a group. I love it when an album incorporates many styles, so this is definitely an awesome new addition to my music collection. Thanks SHINee!

Favorite songs: Love Sick | View | Farewell My Love | An Ode To You | Alive | Woof Woof | An Encore

4 stars

SHINee – Your Number

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SHINee – Your Number

1. Your Number
3. Your Number (Instrumental)

Your Number is the eleventh Japanese single by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on March 11, 2015. The single peaked at #1 on the Oricon charts in its first week.

Your Number is another typical SHINee song that could never let you down. Catchy as ever, it features a nice pop/R&B flow and some brassy elements mixed in throughout the song. I always find that very original. The guys sound great, even Minho who gets some singing parts instead of just raps! This is just sassy, if you ignore the fact that this is (ofcourse) about wanting to talk to a girl you really like, something SHINee does frequently.

Can’t help imagining SHINee in a field of flowers now xD    The beginning of LOVE kind of takes you to a classic romantic movie and it also reminds me a bit of Diana DeGarmo’s ‘Don’t Cry Out Loud’, which makes this probably the most unusual SHINee song ever! It needs some time to get used to, but eventually it’s a very original and one of a kind song. Interesting, but fun.

4 stars

SHINee – I’m Your Boy

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SHINee – I’m Your Boy

1. Downtown Baby
3. Everybody
4. Picasso
5. 3 2 1
6. 365
7. Sunny Day Hero
8. Perfect 10
9. Bounce
10. Dream Girl
11. Colors of the season
12. Boys Meet U

♦ ♦ ♦

I’m Your Boy is the third Japanese album by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on September 24, 2014. The album debuted at #1 on the charts and has sold 54,524 copies.

Finally SHINee decided to bundle all those great single they have released. First there is a new song opening the album, Downtown Baby, an uptempo track that immediately shakes things up. SHINee always creates the perfect formula for catchy songs and this one is no exception with its brassy and funky elements. Special compliments to Jonghyun.

LUCKY STAR was the group’s latest single and I remember adoring it for its use of funky guitar riffs, piano and beats. The second verse is a rap section this time, which in my opinion always brings much more fun and spontaneity to a song. Each of the guys does an amazing job, but I especially loved Onew’s vocals here. I always underestimate him a bit so…

This Japanese version of Everybody was one of the B-sides on the 3 2 1 single but I first heard this in Korean last year. Well guys, it completely blew me away then and it doesn’t fail to do so now. In their entire discography there probably isn’t another song that comes this close to kicking ass and I love how SHINee explored some dubstep here. The production might be a little artificial at times, but bring on the robots!

Picasso is one of the new treats on the album (which is rare because there are only four new songs). It’s placed perfectly right after Everybody since it continues that danceable agressive style. It’s a very good song and it would’ve been another complete homerun if it wasn’t for the other side of the coin: the fact that it just falls a little bit short when compared to Everybody. Nonetheless, very good.

3 2 1 explores a different musical style, but SHINee probably slays anything so they outdid themselves again with this catchy pop/rock song. The fun thing is that they still manage to add some dancy elements to it, so I don’t know quite how to place this song. Anyway, the great vocals and the fact that this song has me awkwardly bouncing around in my chair makes for bonus points.

A nice guitar riffs opens the next of the new songs: 365 (we stay in the number zone I guess). It tones everything down a bit after five uptempo songs, not that this is a ballad though but despite the little uptempo groove it sounds much more relaxed. It doesn’t do very much for me, they have made better and catchier songs than this one.

I once said I would love to see Sunny Day Hero on an album and it looks like I got my wish. I have always thought this song would be perfect in the Summer with its groovy ambience and guitar riffs. It draws my attention a lot more than the previous track did, it’s catchy but controlled too at the same time. Love it.

Perfect 10 is the last one of the new songs and it’s also the shortest song on the entire album at only 2:44 minutes. By now I can conclude that I’m not too fond of the new songs on this album, this one doesn’t live up to its title either. Still it’s not terrible, I just can’t get into the vibe of this track. It lacks a lot of things, even the vocals could’ve been so much better.

Oh how uplifting, it’s Bounce! This is probably the biggest surprise SHINee has ever given their fans, there isn’t a single song in their entire discography that sounds like this one. It’s jazzy, brassy, original and, as always with SHINee’s music, catchy as hell. I’m developing a soft spot for this song.

Dream Girl is very close to my heart because there hasn’t been a moment where I didn’t enjoy this track for the full 100%. It’s perfect in any language, Korean, Japanese, I don’t even care, I can listen to this energetic track all the time. It’s the perfect example of how original SHINee can stay after releasing a lot of songs with the same sound.

I can’t say much about Colors of the season, just that this is pure perfection and more about feeling it than just listening to it. This ballad touches me even though I don’t understand a word, now that’s what I call good music. Don’t you dare skipping this one.

Closing the album is the amazing Boys Meet U, which I think would’ve been the perfect Summer song for 2013 (when it was released as a single) since I can almost see the beach listening to this song. It’s short but one of the most memorable songs on the album and definitely one of my absolute favorites ❤

SHINee has had some amazing singles leading up to this album, nothing below 4 stars so that should also count for something. I was occupied (and stupid) enough so I didn’t even notice the existence of this album up until a few weeks ago. I had some catching up to do and I’m glad I did, since this just proves over and over that SHINee are the kings of both J-pop and K-pop in the category of ‘boy groups’. The new tracks aren’t that memorable in my opinion, but I’m curious about what you guys have to say about it. For me, the singles featured on this album are what makes this album another feast for the ears.

Favorite tracks: Downtown Baby | LUCKY STAR | Everybody | 3 2 1 | Sunny Day Hero | Bounce | Dream Girl | Colors of the season | Boys Meet U

4 stars


SHINee – Lucky Star

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2. Bounce
3. LUCKY STAR (Instrumental)
4. Bounce (Instrumental)

LUCKY STAR is the tenth Japanese single by Korean boy group SHINee, released on June 25, 2014. The single peaked at #2 on the Oricon Charts and has sold 35,837 copies to date.

Finally a new single from SHINee! LUCKY STAR is their Summer single of this year filled with funky guitar riffs, piano, strings and pumping beats. This song just screams fun and I love how all the boys get to show off their vocals in this song. Even Taemin, whose vocals I dislike most, comes out great. Minho’s rap spices up the second verse and Onew, the leader that he is, probably delivers the best vocals. I think I can’t get this track out of my head for quite some time.

Bounce is the big surprise of the single because it has its fair share of brass instruments, something you don’t hear often in SHINee’s songs. Another special treat is the bigger role for Minho and Key, singing instead of rapping. This song is the perfect B-side for the fun A-side since they both share that fun and uplifting quality.

5 stars

SHINee – 3 2 1

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SHINee – 3 2 1

1. 3 2 1
2. Everybody [Japanese ver.]
3. Colors of the season
4. 3 2 1 [Instrumental]
5. Everybody [Instrumental]
6. Colors of the season [Instrumental]

3 2 1 is the ninth Japanese single by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on December 3, 2013. The title tracks was used as the theme song for the tv drama Tokyo Toybox. The single debuted at #3 on the Oricon Charts.

3 2 1 suprised me by being an uplifting pop/rock song instead of their usual R&B or dance inspired style. It’s a fun and catchy song, and although it doesn’t stray too far from what they usually do this song is actually very original. The boys deliver great vocal performances, every single one of them contributes very well. It’s not a complicated track, just plain fun and another great effort from the group.

Ofcourse they had to make a Japanese version for Everybody, I saw that one coming. Nonetheless, I think this is one of the tracks that kicks ass the most in their entire discography because of the heavy dubstep influence in the chorus. The fact that this song is very well produced is a well known fact by now, I like that little robotic effect. Onew and Jonghyun know how to take their moment to shine.

To balance everything, Colors of the season is a soft ballad that first follows a very classical approach before it starts to sound more like a pop power ballad. It’s beautiful and quite emotional, so this track is perfect for Onew, who obviously takes the lead. This is bound to take your breath away, so give it a listen and you’ll see why there’s not much to say about this track. This one’s more about feeling it.

4½ stars

SHINee – Boys Meet U (single)

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SHINee – Boys Meet U

1. Boys Meet U
2. Dream Girl [Japanese ver.]
3. Sunny Day Hero
4. Boys Meet U [Instrumental]
5. Dream Girl [Japanese ver.] [Instrumental]
6. Sunny Day Hero [Instrumental]

Boys Meet U is the eighth Japanese single by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on August 21, 2013. The single debuted at #2 on the Oricon Charts and has sold approximately 124,232 copies.

Why release an album called ‘Boys Meet U’ without a title track and then release this two months later? I don’t get it. Anywayz. Boys Meet U was a good move since this is just THE summer single of 2013. It’s infectuous, beachy (is that a word?) and flirty, bound to stay in your head all way long, if not all week long. I can listen to this multiple times in a row, why wasn’t this featured on their album?!

Dream Girl [Japanese ver.] slays, doesn’t matter if it’s in Korean or Japanese, it just slays everything. Aggressive, energetic, funky and playful, the perfect formula for the perfect SHINee song. This was one of the strongest songs on the ‘Misconceptions of You’ album and it’s very nice to see it returning in this form. Mixing modern music with some oldschool melodies, I find this very enjoyable to say the least.

Sunny Day Hero is the second original Japanese song on the single and the second B-side too, what a treat! It totally fits the concept of the single with its summer single ambience, uptempo and very catchy, yet very controlled too. It’s the perfect balance on the single while it’s still bound to capture a lot of attention for sure. A little bit of oldschool guitars mixed in there as well, this just can’t go wrong anymore. Love it, I would looove to see this on an album in the future.

5 stars

SHINee – Boys Meet U

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SHINee – Boys Meet U

1. Password
2. Breaking News
3. Dazzling Girl
4. 1000nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…
5. Run With Me
6. Kiss Yo
7. Kimi ga Iru Sekai
8. Keeping love again
10. Sherlock
11. Fire
12. I’m with you

♦ ♦ ♦

Boys Meet U is the second Japanese album by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on June 26, 2013. The album debuted at #2 on the Oricon Charts and it sold 56,215 copies in its first week.

Password is an interesting song opening the album since it’s midtempo, but it has an amazing drum beat and some really attractive melodies. It has both rock elements and a lot of synths in the background, which makes for a very nice band-like combination (instead of the typical boy group type of song). Most fans don’t seem to dig this song but I think it’s an amazing and original album opener.

Then everything takes flight when Breaking News drops in with its fierce energy. It’s like most other songs SHINee releases most of the time, it just screams that this is their style. Fast paced beats, many synths, your occassional autotune and such and you’re done. It has the same flair that songs like ‘Lucifer’ also had. I totally love it when they put in an electric guitar solo AND Minho’s rap part, this kicks ass  big time.

I was soooo excited back when Dazzling Girl was released as a single, I completely adored it and it never left my mind. It was a battle between this song and the next for which song was gonna be SHINee’s best 2012 single and it was a very close call. Even though it wasn’t this song, I still love the energetic and breathtakingly catchy feel; this song has everything a good song needs.

1000nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite… became the best SHINee song of 2012 and listening to it now doesn’t make me regret my choice. It’s SHINee’s winter midtempo ballad with those cute little bells in the background during the beginning of the song, which is very cute. Onew has his fingerprints all over the chorus during the higher notes, very well done, even more so because this is usually Jonghyun’s job. One of my favorites!

Run With Me was the B-side for Dazzling Girl and I remember loving it to bits so I’m glad to see it on the album! It’s midway between a ballad and a midtempo, incorporating some very nice piano notes and strings in the arrangement and very pretty harmonizations by the boys in the chorus. Every guy sings some lines in this song, even Minho (who isn’t the best singer tbh, but he’s okay here). Onew and Key own this shiz though!

Wow, what the heck… Kiss Yo is one of the new songs and it just kicks you right in the teeth. Ever wondered what rock and dubstep combined sounds like? Try this one, this is just… weird but in some strange way enjoyable too. It’s more a singsong/rap track with some random chanting in the chorus, and the energy coming from the arrangement is just overwhelming, oh my. This is some interesting stuff! A tad too long though, it could’ve ended at 3:30 minutes if you ask me.

I imagine being so impressed by Kimi ga Iru Sekai, this song is quite simple yet very effective and breathtaking. Being a midtempo ballad it just needs a piano, beats and electric guitars. And oh yes, some incredible vocals, especially by Onew, Jonghyun and Key. This is not just one of my favorite songs on this album, but also one of my all-time favorite SHINee songs, so make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

Keeping love again was the B-side for their Japanese ‘Sherlock’ single, which we’ll encounter later. I remember comparing this to ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ and therefore I wasn’t impressed by this, but now in another context I think it’s a very nice R&B midtempo track which sounds good right behind Kimi ga Iru Sekai. Still it’s not my favorite, but at least it’s also not as bad as I thought. I actually like it!

The next song is BURNING UP!, one of the new songs. After some softer songs and a song that was almost too crazy to handle, SHINee finally found their way into creating an energetic uptempo track again without completely blowing up my ears (albeit that was in kind of a good way). It’s their typical beats + synths song, with some amazing additions by a funky electric guitar to spice it up a bit. Special credits to Jonghyun for those crazy adlibs.

Sherlock was the first single released for the album and although I wasn’t impressed with the Korean mini-album with the same name, this song always was nailing it. The instrumental synth part opening the song set exactly the right tone for everything that follows, which is an electro song with some nice and original brassy influences. Although it’s composed of two seperate songs, that never seems obvious to me.

I’m in love with Fire, this right here is pure perfection so I don’t even know how to talk about this one without cramming out gibberish. R&B ballads are what I love, and this one just knocks me down right from the start. It’s Jonghyun’s song, obviously, but the other guys aren’t too bad either. Everyone delivers a killer performance, especially in that amazing chorus this song has. Most perfect SHINee song ever, period.

I’m with you closes the album in quite an emotional way if you ask me. It’s a ballad in triple time, very much on the simple side (especially after Fire) but that leaves more to the vocals to dazzle the listener. This song builds up in a very good way, leading into a climactic ending with some of Jonghyun best adlibs ever (where has that guy been all my life..). Very good ending to an amazing album!

Alrighty, I’ve found another album that is definitely gonna make the cut for the ‘Best of 2013 – Albums’ post in December (but hush, that’s a secret ;p). I love love LOVE the singles the guys released before this album came out, and to see them all united here on one record is like eargasm to me. Adding some great new songs to it adds even more to the love I feel for these guys. Just one thing: this release is again proof that I’m starting to like their Japanese material better than their Korean. I don’t want to start a war against SHINee’s Korean music lovers, but well, that’s just what I think. This album is all the proof I need, since every song is memorable in its own way and lately I can’t say that about their Korean releases. So let me just drool over this one OK? 😀 Great!

Favorite tracks: Password | Breaking News | Dazzling Girl | 1000nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite… | Run With Me | Kimi ga Iru Sekai | Sherlock | Fire

5 stars

SHINee – Everybody

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SHINee – Everybody

1. Everybody
2. Sangsabyeong (Symptoms)
3. Bit Sok New York (Queen Of New York)
4. 1 Bunman (One Minute Back)
5. Destination
6. Tadajwo (Close The Door)
7. Colorful

♦ ♦ ♦

Everybody is the fifth Korean mini-album by South Korean boy group SHINee. The mini-album was released on October 14, 2013.

SHINee has always been known to me as a group that can come up with some really kickass songs, and with every release they take that to the next level. Everybody can easily be their most aggressive and robotic songs to date, heavy on the synths, beats and dubstep breaks. I don’t think I ever heard them perform another song like this one, it’s very well produced albeit a little too perfect when it comes to the artificial elements. Nonetheless, I’m very much impressed with this effort!

Sangsabyeong (Symptoms) is an interesting track, since it combines both the energetic dubstep quality of Everybody with a smooth and laid back R&B song. At first I thought the entire song was gonna follow the pattern of that last genre since Jonghyun opens the song to a soft fingersnap beat. But then the chorus comes around and it becomes pretty clear that if there is something called a ‘dubstep ballad’, this is it. The guys deliver quite an emotional performance here, so it’s a memorable track overall.

Interesting to hear Minho open a song for a change. Bit Sok New York (Queen Of New York) finally let go of that dominant dubstep genre that was present in the previous two songs. Some nods to it are still there, but this song is more on the electropop side. The chorus is very catchy, a bit oldschool with a modern touch to it. It’s not the most special song I ever heard but it’s appealing.

1 Bunman (One Minute Back) incorporates more R&B/hiphop elements into the dancepop arrangement. It also has a more mysterious sound than the other songs on the album. Both Minho and Key deliver very slick rap performances in this track while Jonghyun obviously takes on the belting and Onew sounds most solid of all. One of the most infectuous songs on the album because of the nice chorus.

FINALLY. Destination has all the elements SHINee’s most perfect songs to date also have in common! This song has the power, the perfect exploding vocals in the chorus with Jonghyun and Onew obviously leading, memorable melodies and the perfect badass rap by Minho. It has been a while since they last put out an amazing track like this one, this should’ve been the mini-album’s lead track. I adore this ❤

Tadajwo (Close The Door) tones it down with a beat in triple time and some strings opening the song. It has a soulful approach to it and just like Bit Sok New York it’s slightly on the oldschool side. Although it’s the obligatory ballad of the album, it’s not generic at all and it shows off everyone’s vocals at best. Even the laid back ambience keeps me interested throughout the entire song.

Closing the album with a song that lives up to its name from the very first second: Colorful. This synth-filled pop song is easily the happiest and most uplifting song on the album and I love how this also shows comparisons to some of my favorite SHINee songs. The lyrics are too cute to resist, ‘I think you’re magical / I think you’re wonderful […] You make my heart colorful‘. Aawh. Repeat please, great way to close with a bang.

I wasn’t that impressed with ‘Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me’ and I almost had the fearful thought that SHINee might not release good music in Korea anymore. Until I heard Everybody and my hopes were finally up again. Although this album would’ve been less impressive without the amazing tracks Destination and Colorful, I loved hearing SHINee do some seriously badass dubstep songs. The overall production of this album was very good and although SHINee keeps on shitting out like 5 albums a year, the production value never fails. Definitely a step forward from the misconception albums!

Favorite tracks: Everybody | Bit Sok New York (Queen Of New York) | 1 Bunman (One Minute Back) | Destination | Colorful

4 stars

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