AOA – Jjalbeun Chima

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jjalbeunchimaSINGLE REVIEW
AOA – Jjalbeun Chima

1. Gonna get your heart
2. Jjalbeun Chima
3. Garodeung Buraraeseo
4. Jjalbeun Chima (Inst.)

Jjalbeun Chima is the fifth single by South Korean girl group AOA, released on January 16, 2014.

Gonna get your heart is the intro track with a slick hiphop touch and some adlibs by the girls. There is also a male introducing the track, but it doesn’t really do anything. It’s very short but it does lead nicely into the next full length track.

I think funky music is AOA’s specialty because Jjalbeun Chima is exactly that. It’s also a very seductive song and playful, but not overly. I do like the chanting in the chorus, it makes it even more memorable and catchy. Another short song but it’s just right.

Garodeung Buraraeseo is a slower song that brings back the slick vibe the intro song had. It’s more inspired by old school hiphop instead of funk and I’m surprised how good it all sounds. This time the rap fits the overall style of the music so it’s a nice touch. Not as catchy as the title track, but still a very good song.

4 stars


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redmotion.pngSINGLE REVIEW

1. Heundeullyeo
2. Nikkeo Naekkeo

RED MOTION is the fourth single by South Korean girl group AOA, released on October 15, 2013.

What I like about AOA is that their group is basically a band and that can be heard in their music. Heundeullyeo is a funky pop song about someone sending mixed signals. The music is very nice with the bass guitar and the catchiness of the melody in the chorus. I just wish that bass guitar was more prominent, but nonetheless it’s still a kickass track with amazing vocals.

To balance the single, Nikkeo Naekkeo is a completely different song with a completely different vibe to it. I love the whistle intro and the fact that it sounds like a mixture between a 60s song and modern K-pop. It’s not too cute, just right. The rap doesn’t really fit the song, but it’s not that long anyway so enough focus on the other musical elements.

4 stars

AOA Black – MOYA

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AOA Black – MOYA

2. Without You
3. MOYA (Inst.)
4. Without You (Inst.)

MOYA is the third single by South Korean band AOA (this time by the band unit AOA Black only), released on July 26, 2013.

Well that proves the irrelevance of the other 3 members that were put in AOA White. But still, I was disappointed by MOYA, it could have been so much more! This song is way too constant and it doesn’t have any vocal challenges for the vocalists (Choa, you can do better). Jimin had way too many rap parts, and she sounded like a chipmunk in every single one of them. Oh and don’t watch the MV, bad acting. This doesn’t match their abilities at ALL.

Without You makes up for everything that was wrong with MOYA, thank heaven. It has a more dramatic approach and there’s a clear difference between the calm verses and sparkling chorus, and I LOVED that guitar solo (by either Jimin or Choa)! It also features much more appealing vocal acrobatics. It’s like the complete opposite of the lead track, and I also like this one WAY more.

3 stars

AOA – Wanna Be

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AOA – Wanna Be

1. Get Out
2. Happy Ending
3. My Song

Wanna Be is the second single by South Korean band AOA, released on October 10, 2012.

Kind of funny how all the girls picked a female character to depict in both the MV and cover art. Anyway, I was surprised by how catchy and good Get Out sounds, it’s a way better lead track than ‘ELVIS’ (and that one wasn’t too bad either). It has an edgy rock sound to it that I really like and Choa nailed it with the vocals again. The big surprise was Hyejeong’s little solo, she’s only a subvocalist and she sounded amazing! Good sound, amazing MV, I like this.

Just like with their previous single, the second track is a more mellow ballad that comes after a booming opening track. Happy Ending is a more light and poppy track that also sounds cuter and more innocent than the lead track. The chorus is very catchy and I take the overly simplistic lyrics, not caring at all here. Jimin did a good rap as well, it fit the ambience of the song.

What distinguishes these girls from all the other K-pop groups out there is their style. My Song is another uplifting and memorable song but this one has this band sound to the music, so that makes for some production value. The music sounds fuller than, for example, SNSD’s (no offense, I like them too). This is also what makes this song probably the best of the three. That and the fact that Choa has the most vocal parts.

4½ stars

AOA – Angels’ Story

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AOA – Angels’ Story

2. Love Is Only You
3. Temptation
4. ELVIS (Ver. Band)

Angels’ Story is the debut single by South Korean band AOA (Ace Of Angels), released on July 30, 2012.

So, for those of you who don’t know AOA yet (like me), here’s their concept. AOA exists of 8 members, of which 7 are called ‘Angels’ and are full members and one is a half-angel and also half-member (their drummer). The original group of 8 can also be split into AOA Black (the band consisting of 5 members) and AOA White (the dance unit consisting of 3 members).

Confused already? Well, here we go. ELVIS is quite a quirky song and it takes me a minute to really get into it, because the verses are mostly raps. Once I get to the chorus I hear a typical catchy K-pop tune through my speakers, but the unique and kinda crazy quality stays. It’s borderline trip music, but thankfully not quite. What I know now from the vocals is that I don’t really like leader Jimin’s squeaky vocals, Choa comes out best in the chorus but they all sound pretty good together.

Love Is Only You is instantly different. Gone is the craziness and instead we have a sweet R&B ballad with a piano opening the song and soft synths, guitars and a nice beat. It’s so different but also the much better track on the single, I enjoy this very much. I instantly recognize Choa’s pleasant vocals, so I now name her as my favorite member haha. There was also a good rap in the second verse, but I don’t know if that was Mina or Chanmi.

Closing the single, there is a kind of midtempo dance influenced song with heavier and deeper synths. Temptation also features a harp to balance things off (and maybe as a hint to the ‘angelic’ concept?) and the overall song is quite nice. Some members’ vocals need a little time to get used to, but I think I’ll get there eventually.

ELVIS (Ver. Band) performed by AOA Black (Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Youkyoung and Mina) makes so much more sense than the original, especially since I watched the MV. It’s so nice to see a girl group perform as a band with members that can actually play instruments. That quirky sound apparently comes from Yuna’s keyboard, and Jimin and Choa deliver perfect guitar performances. This is also more appealing than the original!

The second song was definitely the better song on the single, but I recognize that this group has potential. They have a new mini-album called ‘Heart Attack’ out, but I wanted to get to know them from their debut on instead of their newest release. Thanks to my friend M. for pointing this group out to me last week!

4 stars

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