Beyoncé – Beyoncé

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Beyoncé – BEYONCÉ

1. Pretty Hurts
2. Ghost / Haunted
3. Drunk In Love (feat. Jay-Z)
4. Blow
5. No Angel
6. Yoncé / Partition
7. Jealous
8. Rocket
9. Mine (feat. Drake)
10. XO
11. ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
12. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
13. Heaven
14. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

♦ ♦ ♦

BEYONCÉ is the fifth album by American singer Beyoncé, released on December 13, 2013. The album was released unexpectedly to the iTunes Store without any promotion having taken place. The album sold 80,000 copies in its first three hours of availability.

Pretty Hurts is all about the overexaggerated beauty industry, and Beyoncé captures it perfectly. The song starts off with a dialogue during a beauty pageant, after which a smooth and catchy pop/soul song with clear R&B influences. Beyoncé’s vocals in this track are perfect, not oversinging a single note but really delivering a message. Penned by Sia, this song is perfect to show a more vulnerable side of Bey too.

The next track is… interesting. It’s so non-commercial and it lives up to its title. Ghost / Haunted features Beyoncé rapping her lyrics to a soft haunting background beat, before a deeper  beat comes in to give it a heavier hiphop flow. After a minute or three of pure badass stuff, Ghost transitions into Haunted, which has a little more tempo to it. Beyoncé also sings her lyrics here, but everything stays very minimal, which I’m not used to when it comes to her music but it’s pretty amazing.

No single was released prior to the album, but one of the possible options should’ve been Drunk In Love (feat. Jay-Z). This song with a deep slow jam is perfect for the urban contemporary radio stations. Myself, I needed to get used to it for a little bit but I do have a weak spot for hiphop tracks so I can dig this for sure. I don’t even mind Jay-Z, while usually I find him very annoying. Beyoncé’s higher notes in this track are pure perfection.

Let’s pretend Blow is not about oral sex, shall we? It’s catchy nonetheless, since it’s produced by the dream team that worked on JT’s 20/20 Experience. Pharrell’s influence speaks loudly from this popping disco-inspired song, taking me back to the B’Day era with songs like ‘Green Light’ and ‘Kitty Kat’ (in fact, combine those two and you get this song). This brings some retro flavor nicely onto the album.

No Angel features Beyoncé’s more falsetto vocals, especially in the verses. This R&B track has some electropop influences to make it more interesting, but the rest of the song stays on the down low. Her vocals are nice and breathy, altered by vocoders near the end of the song which doesn’t sound too bad either. Besides the quality of the vocals, there’s not much here that impresses me all that much.

As soon as I heard the beat featured in the first part of Yoncé / Partition, I turned my volume way up. And to imagine this deep and heavy semi-rap track Yoncé is just the interlude to the real popping track Partition. It follows perfectly after Yoncé dropped that delicous beat. It’s similar to Blow, with lyrics all about sexual and sensual content. I love the combination of beats and synths in this track, destined to be on repeat in my playlist.

Jealous needs some time to develop, but then this appears to be so much more than just the next deep track with a dark side. True, it’s like saying FU to your ex, but this is like a perfect follow-up to and grown-up version of ‘If I Were A Boy’. The brooding beat sometimes reminds me of Lana Del Rey music, just a little bit, and everything in the entire song keeps building until it almost reaches the highlight part. Then it just stops, right there. Pity, I wanted more of this.

So this album is apparently filled with songs to move it to the bedroom to, if you know what I mean. Rocket is another smooth and slow track with some soulful elements that keep me interested throughout the full six and a half minutes, something I didn’t expect. Musically, it’s not much, but the layered vocals and gospel-like features are very likeable.

Mine (feat. Drake) starts as a piano ballad, which would’ve been very much out of place since Drake is involved. But then the track speeds up with hiphop beats and amazing raps by Drake, before Beyoncé takes over again. Both singers work together very well, taking turns performing their parts in this track that seems like a patchwork of melodies and different parts. It has some very interesting and addictive badass parts though.

After all the raunchy songs and deep hiphop explosions, XO is a very welcome change with a unique pop sound. Obviously Ryan Tedder worked his magic on this, and his collab with Beyoncé’s vocals is perfection. There’s a certain warmth and carelessness coming from this song that many of the other songs didn’t have (or at least had in a very different way). I can see this becoming one of my favorite songs of the album because of the way it sounds so special.

***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) is what eventually became of that crazy track ‘Bow Down/I Been On’ that was released in early 2013. I never really knew what to make of this, but on this album it actually fits in this form. There are a lot of hiphop tracks on this album, so a little bit of trap can’t hurt, right? It features parts of the feminist speech by Adichie, adding something extra to the song that just breathes feminism. It’s good if you can handle it, otherwise just stick to ‘Halo’.

When a track is called Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean), you probably expect it to sound something like ***Flawless does. Actually, it’s a very slow triple time doo-wop song with a very mysterious undertone. Frank Ocean has a good voice, I guess he wasn’t called ‘the new Prince’ by some for nothing. This song just flows by, very much at ease, not forgettable but not all that memorable either.

Heaven is probably the only emotional track on the album, and also the only real piano ballad. With Beyoncé singing “Heaven couldn’t wait for you // So go on, go home“, it talks about the death of a loved one. There are some hints to gospel music, but Beyoncé kept it very small and non-dramatic in the first part. In the second half, she finally let go a little more and she really touched me. I’ve been waiting for a track like this on the album, wow.

Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) closes the album on a very sweet note (so it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the tracks, but w/e). After a minute, a groovy beat drops in and I get the feeling I have heard this song somewhere before. It has its very own uplifting sound, adding more and more instruments like deep synths as it progresses. Little Blue Ivy has some parts in this song at the very end, speaking in her cute baby voice. Aawhh…

So I never saw this album coming, just like everyone else. I wonder what happened since ‘4’, because that album and BEYONCÉ have very different sounds while Beyoncé said ‘4’ was the kind of music she wanted to make. To many negative comments perhaps? This album is all about revealing the gangster in Beyoncé, the one that talks about sex very openly and raps her lyrics instead of letting her powerful vocals carry a more moving message. So yes, I think there’s something missing here; Beyoncé’s genuine style. Still, I love how she tackles the hiphop flow that’s present on most of the tracks. Tracks that I played two or more times in a row include Drunk In Love, Yoncé / Partiti0n and Jealous, and the latter is probably my absolute favorite. This album includes some diamonds in the rough, I’ll give it some time for me to really get used to them.

Favorite tracks: Pretty Hurts | Ghost / Haunted | Drunk In Love (feat. Jay-Z) | Blow | Yoncé / Partition | Jealous | Mine (feat. Drake) | XO | Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

4 stars

Beyoncé – 4

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Beyoncé – 4

1. 1+1
2. I Care
3. I Miss You
4. Best Thing I Never Had
5. Party (feat. André 3000)
6. Rather Die Young
7. Start Over
8. Love On Top
9. Countdown
10. End Of Time
11. I Was Here
12. Run The World (Girls)

♦ ♦ ♦

4 is the fourth solo studio album by American recording artist Beyoncé Knowles, scheduled for release on June 24, 2011. The album marks the first release by Knowles since separating, professionally, with father and manager, Mathew Knowles. The album was given 3,5 stars by Slant Magazine, with Eric Henderson saying that “the album gave her enough rope to hang either her doubters or herself”. Let’s see what it’s gonna be then.

I think it’s always risky to start an album with a ballad, but 1+1 actually works, especially when you saw her performance at American Idol on May 25. The music is much better here with a guitar, bass, piano and very pretty vocals, especially in the verses. Just one thing about her lines: Bee, it’s ALGEBRA, not algreba. Regardless, I can imagine why this is her personal favorite, it shows a very different side of her as an artist and I love this song as well. That electric guitar solo near the end is awesome!

I Care is a more Urban styled song with very strong bass and percussion with handclaps. The verses have this mysterious atmosphere because of the strings in the background and the echoe of the percussion, while the chorus is very addictive because of Bee’s ‘lalalalala‘ lines. This song also features a nice electric guitar solo, but this time Beyoncé is adlibbing along with it and she shows off her falsetto vocals a bit. I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it, put this on replay plz.

After a bit of an agressive song, we slow down with the simple and sweet song I Miss You. The beat is like a stripped dubstep rhythm, and the soft strings that go with it give this song a dreamy theme. Beyoncé sings some pretty lyrics, a bit melancholic but still very pretty. I love the echoe effect that has been added to her voice for that nice dreamy atmosphere, and the quick ending emphasizes even more that this song is the short and sweet one on the album.

I believe Best Thing I Never Had is the second single for this album, and from the moment she sings the opening lines ‘What goes around comes back around my baby‘ I’m hooked on this song. By now it’s easily recognizeable that Bee has developed a new style of her own and I don’t believe I can compare this song to her older songs, I can only come up with superlatives. The piano does the thing in the musical arrangement while her vocals are very emotional and she put some great effort in this song. Great this has become a single!

Never thought people nowadays would still now who André 3000 is, but he’s here on Party (feat. André 3000). It’s not a party song at all, it’s actually a mid-tempo R&B song with some hiphop influences. The song opens with a vocally uncredited Kanye West, who produced this song, but strangely enough the real swag begins with André’s ultra fast rap. It’s a decent song, a bit oldschool, Bee does nice here but it’s not the best on the album.

Rather Die Young is a strange kind of song to me, I mean it’s lovely but I can’t really classify it as belonging to a certain genre. It’s a ballad, that’s for sure, and it starts off all soft and sweet but the chorus comes around hard with agressive vocals. Sometimes Bee’s lyrics come out forced, but well, it’s a simple song that doesn’t really add to the album as a whole. Still it’s worth a couple of listens because it stays inside your head for some reason and it’s food for thought.

Another mid-tempo type of song is Start Over, but again with very rough and dominant vocals. Bee’s really all over the place with this album. This is a nice R&B song with a little spice added by the beat. Give a good listen at the lyrics, because there are some really moving lines here. It can get a little repetitive over time, but another decent song.

One of my absolute favorites is the funky and catchy Love On Top, I just can’t seem to get this song out of my head and I keep on singing along (in the wrong key, hehe). I especially want to point out Bee’s vocals here, this song is so darn hard to sing, especially when the pitch gets higher and she has to do that falsetto note higher and higher. It’s a 90s kind of song, timemachine ftw, very oldschool and I love the brass instruments in this track.

Then the album suddenly shifts to Bee’s earlier sound with a song that reminds me a bit of Rihanna’s ‘Raining Men’. Countdown doesn’t sound like the previous part of the album at all, but I can still dig the hiphop quality the verses in this song have. This is also one of the best tracks on the album, one the album actually needs to be complete. The countdown in the hooks is very funny, the lyrics are actually altered to fit it (‘I’m tryin’a make a 3 from the 2 you’re still the 1′). A very strong, catchy, sexy and smooth song.

End Of Time sounds very ready to be played in the streets of Rio or during any Mardi Gras festival there is, this song is the most club-ready one on the album probably. Despite being all ready to dance to and such, this song could get a little repetitive again after some time, but at least Bee herself adds spice to the song with her fast and good vocals. It’s very enjoyable if you just go with the flow of the song.

Probably the most epic song on the album is I Was Here, now that’s what I call food for thought. These lyrics almost make you cry, they are so meaningful and Beyoncé really brings them with a lot of emotion in her voice. The fact only that Ryan Tedder produced this track  makes this song a must-listen on the album. There’s not much to say about this, it’s a very good song.

Then the one that gave me a little headache during the single review… Run The World (Girls) is a little too dominant to me sometimes. I didn’t even like Pon De Floor, the main sound just drives me insane and now Bee used it in her music as well… It just killed the song but if I switch that damn annoying sound of in my head I can enjoy this song at least a bit. They should’ve switched this one and 1+1, that would’ve been a better closer for this album.

When I just go with it while listening to this album, it’s worth 5 stars for real. But when I turn the knob and put on my critic cap, it’s worth a little less because then I find there are some minor flaws to this album. I still think this is my favorite Beyoncé album to date considering her relatively new sound, 90s R&B mixed with contemporary hiphop, but some of the songs lacked a little. The tracklisting could’ve also been better but oh well, nothing to do about it.
The best songs on this album are mostly the ballads, and since this album is quite ballad heavy there are a great number of nice songs here. Luckily Beyoncé varied between the ballads and the more (actually few, only 3 or 4) uptempo tracks. It’s a very nice album, and I noticed Bee’s fans don’t see eye to eye about this but I will join the group that says this album is her magnum opus.

Favorite tracks: 1+1 | I Care | Best Thing I Never Had | Love On Top | Countdown | I Was Here


4½ stars

Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls)

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Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls)

1. Run The World (Girls)

Run The World (Girls) is the twentieth solo single by American recording artist Beyoncé, released on April 21, 2011 by Columbia Records. The single is the lead single for her upcoming studio album ‘4’. Because of the leaks, the single’s release was rushed. The single was relatively well received by Beyoncé’s fans, charting at #33 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The start of the song was very mysterious with some distant percussion playing a nice drumroll, and a sweet and soft piano and bells intro open the song. Very soon after that, it is made clear that this song heavily samples “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer and Vybz Kartel! That is, to me, a bit of a pity because the high synth arrangements in that song aren’t really suited to be featured in a song because they are very distracting. The army drumrolls, on the other hand, really give this song its empowering effect towards women.
Beyoncé herself is shouting out her lyrics rather than just singing them, and this makes this song both very strong and annoying. It’s a solid release, Beyoncé definitely drew attention with this one, but I doubt it if I will listen to it much when her new album is released. Looking forward to it though. To me, this particular song is like a chaotic and flopped remix of “Pon De Floor” (feat. Beyoncé) xD


2½ stars

Beyoncé – I Am… Sasha Fierce

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Beyoncé – I Am… Sasha Fierce

1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
2. Diva
3. Ego
4. Halo
5. If I Were A Boy
6. Smash Into You
7. Sweet Dreams
8. Broken-Hearted Girl
9. Scared Of Lonely
10. That’s Why You’re Beautiful
11. Hello
12. Radio
13. Video Phone (Extended Remix featuring Lady Gaga)
14. Ego (Remix featuring Kanye West)
15. Me Why Don’t You Love
16. Honesty
17. Save The Hero
18. Satellites
19. Disappear
20. Ave Maria
♦ ♦ ♦

I Am… Sasha Fierce is American artist Beyoncé’s third solo studio album, and it was released on November 18, 2008. This dual disc album displays her more vulnerable side on disc 1, while on disc 2 Beyoncé’s stage alter ego Sasha Fierce takes over. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 482,000 units in its first week. The Platinum edition was released in September 2009.

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) is a very good way to open this very long album . It’s a groovy R&B song with synth influences and it’s sooo fierce and danceable. I can’t keep still, honestly. It’s a sort of Independent Women Part 3, energy is all over with this track, and it grew on me in these two years so now I really love it.

I still have a hard time figuring out the beat in the intro to Diva, as well as in the hook. But again, this is another strong track by ‘Sasha Fierce’. I don’t get the random lyrics though, it may be a little too much, but it’s the cute beat I’m after. It’s a bit like hiphop, and I think the voice crying out ‘Imma a diva’ is actually quite funny once you get used to it. I used to dislike this song a lot, but the more I listened to it, the more I appreciate it.

Ego has a bit of a 60s nightclub ambience, and the piano tones are pretty nice and sophisticated now and then. The brassy elements are a very nice addition as well, and Beyoncé’s vocals are toned down a bit. She’s holding it back a little, and still she gives me that positive energy. My favourite part must be the bridge, where she ‘don’t need no beat, she can sing it with piano’. Her raw adlibbing is so awesome, goosebumps all over. One of my fav Sasha Fierce songs.

Halo has always been one of my favourite tracks, even before it was announced as a single. Beyoncé used so much elements in her music she’s never used before, like a soothing choir, and the strings and piano go wonderful with the bouncing soft R&B beat. Her voice suits these kind of songs so well, I think she should make more songs like this. The adlibbing in the bridge is so thrilling as well (omg, those high notes).

The first single off this album, If I Were A Boy, is a song I can’t imagine the world without. It starts off so calm with an acoustic guitar and strings, but when the beat drops in, I know it’s like nothing we’ve ever heard from her before. The lyrics are so strong and heartfelt, and anyone can identify with it. It’s such a fresh track for Beyoncé, and she puts so much effort and emotion in her voice.

I love the melody of Smash Into You, which displays another perfect vocal performance by miss Knowles (or Mrs. Carter, whatever you like). It’s another laid back track with toned down adlibbing and music. Mostly led by guitars and a strong beat, it’s powerful near the end and it really got me. I should’ve noticed this song before.

Sweet Dreams has a bittersweet title, but the musical arrangement isn’t bittersweet at all. Performing one of her first R&B songs with real electro influences, Beyoncé finds her way into this genre very well to be honest. It kinda reminds me a bit of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ in some sort of way, and since I adore Michael to death, it’s such a good thing to compare this song with one of his. The synths in this song are so groovy, and it’s another standout track.

A piano and strings lead into heartfelt song Broken-Hearted Girl, and from the start it’s really a piano-and-vocal ballad with beautiful lyrics and emotiona vocals. In the second verse, a little beat comes in, and even some synth riffs in the background. I can identify with this song very well, so it has a special place. It’s like Halo, but again totally unique, and so beautiful!

Scared Of Lonely is from the ‘Sasha Fierce’ disc, but I simply can’t see why. Well okay, Beyoncé’s vocals are a bit more dominant and even a little aggressive, but the music definitly isn’t too much like her alter ego at all. The strings in the music are one of the parts I like best about this song, just like the sort of clavecimble opening the song.

For a song on the ‘I Am…’ disc, That’s Why You’re Beautiful can actually be quite dramatic and bombastic for a ballad type of song. It’s not a real ballad, but more of a dramatic slow beat track, heavily influenced by guitars. The percussion can be a little too dominant at some points compared to the strongness of Bee’s voice, but as a whole I like this song pretty much to say the least.

Beyoncé’s pronunciation of the title word in Hello can get a little weird at some points during the chorus, but gosh, that beat! ❤  And the piano as well, this track has some awesome music indeed! It took me some time to understand the beat pattern, but after that it really got me. That piano in this track is awesome, as well as Beyoncé’s layered vocals.

Radio is more of an energizing uptempo R&;B song with more 80s synthpop, Europop and even some techno influences. I must say Beyoncé’s voice is even good for these types of songs, because it’s still a bit R&B, yet new for her to go along with. I have no problem at all with this track, it’s reasonable, yet enjoyable.

Then we have Video Phone (Extended Remix featuring Lady Gaga), the typical kind of women moaning song. This song is more Beyoncé than Gee-yoncé (Lady Gaga’s persona for this song), so… I think I like the original version more, though this song is not one of my favourites at all. I like that fast beat under it, but the melody is kinda bland.

Okay, uhm… Big laugh? Ego (Remix featuring Kanye West) appears a little weird to me, already from the start with that develish laugh. Kanye’s rap in the intro is way too long and his lyrics are plain weird. This song is one minute longer than the original, and for most parts quite the same, but Kanye West just blew it if you ask me. Beyoncé’s part, on the contrary, is flawless again! Hell with Kanye, folks, in his own songs, he sounds so much better!

It’s clear Bee’s little sis’ Solange worked on Why Don’t You Love Me, because of it’s real funky elements. It’s actually quite a reasonable track. The only disadvantage is Beyoncé’s vocals, because personally I don’t like too agressive vocals, which she has at some points during this song. The track as a whole may come of as a little monotonous and blad, but at least the beat and vibe is sexy and catchy.

Honesty is a cover of the 1979 Billy Joel song, and from the moment I heard Beyoncé starting the first verse, I was sold. She toned her voice down a bit again, and what comes out is simply sincere. The piano and guitars accompanying her sound wonderful with her voice, and even this is something she can make entirely her own. I love her version of this song.

A piano leads into Save The Hero, a ballad song with a bit more aggressive vocals than in other song from the original disc 1, though it’s all well placed. The lyrics are deep and the choir is a wonderful invention to make this song stand out. Even some male vocals are featured in this song, so it seems like a song with a featured artist or male group. I like the melody in this song, and the drama it brings along.

Satellites may not be a grand standout track, but the way Beyoncé sounds with only an acoustic guitar and some strings is simply awesome. This track has some deep lyrics too, if you listen well, so it’s clear to me Bee writes very good lyrics to her own songs. If I come to think about it, her vocal performance in this song is top notch as well, and it’s all been kept very laid back.

In Disappear the whole ambience has been kept simple as well, with only Bee’s great vocals, an acoustic guitar and a soft, smooth beat. Everything blends in very well, such as Bee’s layered vocals in the chorus, so this is actually a very pleasant song to listen to. It surely caught my attention, though the structure for the bridge is a little off, but I don’t give a beep at all in this case =)

At first I was kinda cautious with Ave Maria (people who know the original opera version by name know what I mean), but this isn’t a stiff song at all! It’s another good R&B ballad with a beautiful piano and some guitar notes. Beyoncé’s voice is pretty and soothing, and the lyrics she sings are beautiful to say the least. In the last chorus she sings at a higher pitch though, but she can handle it ofcourse.

Wow, this review took me so darn long, about two days! But it was worth it, at all costs. I’ve come to appreciate the artist that Beyoncé is so much more because of this album, and because she portrays both a vulnerable side of herself with her ballads as well as her wilder side with the uptempo R&B and electro songs. She shows she’s still developing, even though she’s been in the business for quite some time. Most of these songs are songs I know by heart and I’ve listened so much to them in these past two years. I’m all used to them already, and I must say that the more I listened to them, the more they grew on me. There are a few tracks that had to get to me with more difficulty, but most of the time I loved it. I wonder what she’ll be doing with her new album, probably in 2011!

Favorite tracks: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) | Ego | Halo | If I Were A Boy | Hello | Honesty


4½ stars

Beyoncé – If I Were A Boy

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Beyoncé – If I Were A Boy

1. If I Were A Boy
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

If I Were A Boy is Beyoncé’s 12th solo single, and the first off her album I Am… Sasha Fierce. The single was released on October 8, 2008 and has topped many international charts, and it’s Beyoncé’s best selling single in the UK with 610,000 sold units.

If I Were A Boy is so different from what we were used from Beyoncé, since it’s not the traditional R&B song. It’s a pop song, that Beyoncé tried to make her own. The song is mostly led by an acoustic guitar, percussion and handclaps, and it sounds so fresh for her. This song is really strong and emotional, with heartfelt lyrics. I think every girl can identify with the idea of thinking about what they’d do if they were a man for just one day. Beyoncé sings this song so good, she really lays emotion in her voice and doesn’t go all yelling and stuff. Eevn my sister, who is 21 years old and doesn’t like Beyoncé very much, thought this song was her very best ever!

Back to Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) is fierce indeed, phew! How I like the beat to this song, it’s so danceable, and it’s nice to hear some synths in this song as well. This typical uptempo R&B song has such a catchy hook, it’s women empowerment all over, and it’s actually kinda groovy to me. Does it sound weird that this song reminds me of something? At first I was single, then I started a relationship with the boy who is now still my boyfriend, and only six days later I was walking around with a ring around my finger! Not the thought behind the song maybe, but maybe it’s another extra besides the good beat and vocals why I actually LIKE this Sasha Fierce song.

Beyoncé had her ups and downs and I have an on-off relationship with her music. There are some songs I truly loooove (<3), and there are also some songs that almost hurt my ears (</3). This single, with both tracks, belongs to the kind I love. The first track shows off Beyoncé’s softer side, while the second instantly sends us back to her stage alter ego, in a very good way. I still have a trauma from ‘Ring The Alarm’ off her studio album B’Day because of her yelling that was really killing me and I HATED it, so it’s awesome to hear a Sasha Fierce song that can appeal to me. This single is Beyoncé at her best!

Favorite track: If I Were A Boy | Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)


5 stars

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