P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

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beautifultrauma1ALBUM REVIEW
P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

1. Beautiful Trauma
2. Revenge (feat. Eminem)
3. Whatever You Want
4. What About Us
5. But We Lost It
6. Barbies
7. Where We Go
8. For Now
9. Secrets
10. Better Life
11. I Am Here
12. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
13. You Get My Love

♦ ♦ ♦

beautifultrauma2Beautiful Trauma is the seventh studio album by American singer P!nk, released on October 13, 2017. The album was certified multi-platinum in several countries and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Beautiful Trauma is the perfect opening song for the album with its ballsy sound. It’s the typical P!nk “I love you, but I hate you too” track with bouncy vibe and amazing vocals. I also really like the intro and outro to this track with its strings and bells.

It leads very well into Revenge (feat. Eminem), the most playful track on the album and it brings back the magical combination of P!nk and Eminem. P!nk’s raps are surprisingly good and I love the lyrics in Eminem’s, it made me laugh so hard. This is easily one of my absolute favorites on the album and every now and then I listen to it non-stop.

Whatever You Want is so catchy and another favorite of mine. It’s a more typical pop track but her vocals are the most powerful on the album yet, with P!nk belting out some of her lyrics. Some say the lyrics in the chorus are full of clichés, but for me it works and basically I don’t care what she sings as long as it sounds this good.

The first single, What About Us, was also P!nk’s comeback single after ‘The Truth About Love’ was released back in 2012. I remember it was so refreshing to hear her return with this pop song that also leans towards dance with its subtle synths. I love its sound and the message in the lyrics, definitely a track worthy of being her comeback.

Which brings us to the first ballad on the album, But We Lost It. It’s a piano ballad reminiscent of a Sia track and it shows P!nk can pull of different kinds of songs. She pours out her heart singing about not being able to bring back the spark in a relationship that has gone wrong. It’s not the only ballad on the album, but it might be the strongest and most captivating one.

Barbies is such a relatable track for me. Another ballad, but led by a guitar and soft strings this time, this one is about dealing with the troubles of growing up and looking back at the times you did not have responsibilities. ‘Oh I wish I could go back to play with Barbies in my room, they never say that you gotta grow up quite this soon‘. Whether you played with Barbies or not, this track can touch anyone and have you think about ‘back when’.

Despite being a very good track, Where We Go is probably the track I remember least of all. And that should say something since it’s actually a nice pop song with the guitar and piano notes playing a prominent role in the arrangement. It’s midtempo, it flows very well and I like the lyrics. I think there are other tracks on the album that captured my attention more.

beautifultrauma3I love love LOVE For Now! This soulful slow track isn’t the first song to deal with a bad relationship, but the arrangement just has me in complete awe. The verses are very low key, while the chorus brings the power that turns it into a power ballad of sorts. It always has me singing along and it’s another one of my absolute favorites.

Secrets is filled with typical playful P!nk moments while it’s not trying to be funny. I’m talking about the catchy ‘da-da-da-da doo-doo-doo‘ bits in the hook and ‘…that we always speak the truth……-ish‘ (that -ish is sooo her). It’s not the best track but definitely memorable and I guess it works as a re-cut single.

Better Life fits very well on the album lyrically while musically it’s one of a kind. It’s the most low key track on the album with its laidback and breezy style, it’s like the P!nk equivalent of a campfire song. It’s not special, but somehow it just works very well and it’s quite catchy.

P!nk drops a sort of Lumineers track on us with I Am Here, one of the highlights on the album. It’s loud, fast and folky and let’s P!nk’s vocals shine, especially in the second half of the song. That choir that joins in in the chorus takes it to the next level and in the end this is just pure magic.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken could have been the perfect album closer. It’s an emotional ballad with a piano, lots of strings and epic lyrics (‘There’s not enough rope to tie me down, there’s not enough tape to shut this mouth‘). P!nk’s vocals are perfect, especially 2:30 minutes into the song. Should have been the final track, but we get one more.

I’m not that impressed with You Get My Love and it feels like a filler to me. Another ballad, and a long one at over 5 minutes in length, it doesn’t do much for me. Okay, it shows what kind of powerhouse she is and that she can provide a track with amazing raw vocals, but that’s basically it and this explains why I think the previous track should’ve been the last one.

Beautiful Trauma is the P!nk album I’ve been waiting for for so long, when it dropped last year I put it on repeat for the entire week. It’s a worthy comeback and shows a completely different side of P!nk we don’t see that often. This mother of two has abandoned her ballsy and tongue-in-cheek attitude a bit for this album in favor of more mature material that also works very well for her. It’s more adult contemporary than her previous work, but somehow she still stayed true to herself.

Favorite songsBeautiful Trauma | Revenge (feat. Eminem) | Whatever You Want | What About Us | Barbies | I Am Here | Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

4½ stars


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