Ayumi Hamasaki – Moments

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moments.pngSINGLE REVIEW
Ayumi Hamasaki – Moments

1. Moments “Original Mix”
2. Moments “Acoustic Piano Version”
3. Moments “Flying humanoid Mix”
4. Moments “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

Moments is the thirty-second single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on March 31, 2004. The single peaked at #1 on the charts and has sold 302,923 copies in total. It was used as the KOSÉ “VISÉE” CM song.

At first it seems Moments is going to be a regular ballad, but after Ayu’s opening chant it becomes clear it’s more of a rock ballad with a bit more power to it. I’ve always liked this song, especially the lyrics and the bridge in which the electric guitars really get their time to shine. Ayu’s voice might be a bit thin in the chorus, but I still love pretty much everything about this.

Moments “Acoustic Piano Version” doesn’t feature new vocals, but it’s nice to hear that the original vocals fit both the edgier original as this pretty piano ballad. It’s nice and calm and captures the beauty of the song well.

Although the music in Moments “Flying humanoid Mix” is uptempo, the vocal track had to be slowed down to fit the pace and it just doesn’t seem quite right. It’s not very special and I’m not even sure the melody in the remix fit the vocal melodies, but it could’ve had potential.

4 stars

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