BoA – Unchained

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unchained1.pngMINI-ALBUM REVIEW
BoA – Unchained

1. close to me (Unchained Ver.)
2. Make Me Complete (Unchained Ver.)
3. Only One (Unchained Ver.)
4. FLY (Unchained Ver.)
5. Watashi Kono Mama de Ii no Kana (Unchained Ver.)

♦ ♦ ♦

Unchained is a special Japanese mini-album by South-Korean singer BoA, released on March 14, 2018. It features new versions of earlier released songs.

Okay, I already can’t handle this because the album starts with my favorite BoA song EVER: close to me. It’s so beautiful and the emotional approach in the song is even taken further in this new and amazing piano arrangement. I don’t care if the vocals aren’t newly recorded, I’m just sitting her completely taken in by this song. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Make Me Complete was on her latest Japanese studio album and was memorable for being the only song completely in English. This version is so different from the original for its groovy/jazzy band vibe and it actually works very well. It’s more laid back than the original version as well.

The original version of Only One was an R&B-inspired song and I liked it very much for its light and breezy approach. The Unchained version is a fuller one that has the same groovy sound that this album’s version of Make Me Complete has, yet this version of Only One is probably most reminiscent of its original. I like the emphasis on the guitars.

This album also brings us the third version of FLY. After a midtempo pop track and a pop/rock inspired album version, we now get an acoustic guitar version that had some slight alterations in the chorus melodies. The bombastic quality that the other versions had (especially the album version) is less apparent here, but it’s still a beautiful song.

Nice to see a brand new song on this album too. Watashi Kono Mama de Ii no Kana is the title song of her latest Japanese studio album and it gets the piano treatment for the Unchained album. It’s a beautiful arrangement and it might even be better than the original version, but I’m not really sure yet haha.

I’m not sure why BoA released this special mini-album, but I must say I don’t care about the reason since I LOVE it. These new takes on some of her newer songs, which are also among her most beautiful songs in her entire career, are amazing if you ask me. Only two minor flaws. First, it would’ve been even better if she recorded new vocals for these version instead of using the original vocal tracks. Second, opening the album with the incredible close to me might not have been the best idea since it left me crying and staring at my screen for quite a bit. It should’ve been the closer, the other songs can’t compete with it. STILL, I’m not complaining.

4½ stars


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