Namie Amuro – think of me / no more tears

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thinkofmenomoretears.pngSINGLE REVIEW
Namie Amuro – think of me / no more tears

1. think of me
2. no more tears
4. no more tears (club dub)

think of me / no more tears is the seventeenth single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on January 24, 2001. The single reached #7 on the charts, selling 112,670 copies.

Despite what others might think, I say think of me is Namie’s first serious attempt at a heartfelt ballad and she ALMOST succeeded at it. The arrangement has been kept simple with mainly piano, guitars and percussion and it sounds beautiful, leading into a big ending. The only thing screwing it up at times is Namie herself. Her vocals have improved a lot, but someone should’ve told the girl she wasn’t ready for Whitney Houston-style adlibs. At times she almost nailed it, but mostly she didn’t. Luckily Namie re-recorded the song in 2002 for her ‘LOVE ENHANCED♥  single collection’ and it sounded a lot better.

no more tears is an uptempo pop song about a girl that doesn’t want to cry over her boyfriend anymore. The arrangement is typical 00’s pop with a nice bounce to it and Namie kept her vocals relaxed throughout the track. The further it progresses, I start to like it more and more.

For I TO YOU, Namie took a page from TLC’s book for a slick R&B approach. I acknowledge that this was very much a song of its time and it was probably successful among her die-hard fans, but it’s plain and bland most of the time.

It’s clear that the second A-side was the more popular of the two since it got its own remix. no more tears (club dub) is like a more uptempo Summer beach club version of the original and it quite suits the overall theme of the song. But, as is mostly the case with Namie’s remixes, I’m missing some vocals. Other than that, very enjoyable.

3½ stars

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