Dal★Shabet – Hit U

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Dal★Shabet – Hit U

1. Fire It Up (Vicky Solo)
2. Hit U (feat. Bigtone)
3. Chu Ma Boy
4. Dream In U (Remix)
5. Hit U (Remix) (feat. Bigtone)
6. Hit U (Inst.)

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Hit U is the fourth mini-album by South-Korean girl group Dal★Shabet, released on January 27, 2012.

Nice to see that Fire It Up, the opening track, features vocals by Vicky only. Hearing her voice in the spotlight now, I’m sure the group is missing a major vocalist (she left in 2012) because she knows how to kick butt. I don’t mind autotune, she sounds fierce with it and combined with the edgy synthpop/dance music (resembling borderline dubstep) it sounds amazing!

Hit U (feat. Bigtone) is the lead track for the album and I thought the opening with electric guitars in the background was the right kind of mysterious. There’s a little bounce to the track too, although a little darkness (and bitterness?) simmers. Who is this Bigtone guy by the way? Is he seriously only featured in the first 10 seconds, talking?? Other than that, almost flawless and freakishly catchy track again.

Chu Ma Boy comes closest to the ballad/mellow track I’ve been waiting for all this time, and then it doesn’t live up to the expectations. This is pure personal taste, but the girls sound so much better singing uptempo tracks. Now they sound a bit like chipmunks and the one opening the track (who was it?) sounded awful. There’s nothing exciting about this either.

If I remember correctly, the original of this song was my least favorite of, like, all time when it comes to this group. For Dream In U (Remix) they only changed the synths and they added more higher pitched synth sounds to the arrangement. Other that that, it’s the same hot mess that it already was, only even more irritating and over the place.

Instead of having that dark rock inspired pop song, they made Hit U (Remix) (feat. Bigtone) a bit more dance/pop. Even though it works less well, it’s not terrible. It’s still decent, although the new arrangement did steal a bit of the charm the original had. It needs to grow on me a bit, but after a while I start to like it better.

Definitely not too pleased with this mini, I’m afraid my fears are real. Up until now, every release is less good than the previous one. I really hope this is the last time Dal★Shabet incorporated mediocre songs on their albums, especially since they released a full album 5 months after this one. It features some previously released songs, but from what I’ve seen they’re the good ones. So basically, I’m not giving up yet.

Favorite tracks: Fire It Up (Vicky Solo) | Hit U (feat. Bigtone)

2½ stars

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