AOA Black – MOYA

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AOA Black – MOYA

2. Without You
3. MOYA (Inst.)
4. Without You (Inst.)

MOYA is the third single by South Korean band AOA (this time by the band unit AOA Black only), released on July 26, 2013.

Well that proves the irrelevance of the other 3 members that were put in AOA White. But still, I was disappointed by MOYA, it could have been so much more! This song is way too constant and it doesn’t have any vocal challenges for the vocalists (Choa, you can do better). Jimin had way too many rap parts, and she sounded like a chipmunk in every single one of them. Oh and don’t watch the MV, bad acting. This doesn’t match their abilities at ALL.

Without You makes up for everything that was wrong with MOYA, thank heaven. It has a more dramatic approach and there’s a clear difference between the calm verses and sparkling chorus, and I LOVED that guitar solo (by either Jimin or Choa)! It also features much more appealing vocal acrobatics. It’s like the complete opposite of the lead track, and I also like this one WAY more.

3 stars


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