BENI – Koi Kogarete

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BENI – Koi Kogarete

1. Koi Kogarete
4. Koi Kogarete (Instrumental)

Koi Kogarete is the eleventh single by Japanese/American singer BENI, released on June 10, 2009. The titular track was used as the commerical theme song for Recochoku as well as the POWER PLAY song for the NTV program Ongaku Senshi MUSIC FIGHTER. “FOREVER 21” was the image song for the FOREVER 21 clothing line collection. The single reached #70 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for two weeks and sold 1,266 copies.

Koi Kogarete is not as uplifting as ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ was, but it has its own appeal. I like the acoustic guitar arrangement and little synth chimes, especially in the chorus. It’s one of BENI’s midtempo songs again, but one with its own memorable elements and I give her extra praise for her vocals (and background vocals).

BENI decided to go an entirely different way with CRUISE the WORLD, which is definitely not her regular midtempo R&B song. It’s more futuristic electropop and BENI is usually good at performing uptempo tracks. I like the A-side better because this track sounds a little flat at times. I do like the electronic distortions in her vocals, though.

Yes, FOREVER 21 is meant for the shop with the same name. It’s the cuter pop song on this single with a lot of chimes and higher pitched vocals by BENI. It’s a catchy song and I quite like it, but it’s not the best BENI song out there. I had to get used to it and listen to it a second time before I could fully appreciate it.

3½ stars


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