BENI – Kiss Kiss Kiss

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BENI – Kiss Kiss Kiss

1. Kiss Kiss Kiss
2. Signal
3. Mou Nido to… DJ HASEBE REMIX
4. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Instrumental)

Kiss Kiss Kiss is the tenth single by Japanese/American singer BENI, released on April 8, 2009. The titular track was used as the commerical theme songs for Kao’s “Biore Body Deli” and Recochoku. It was also used as the ending theme songs for TV TOKYO’s Ryuuha-R and JAPAN COUNTDOWN, and THK’s Ageten. The single ranked #1 on the weekly Chaku-Uta chart and #40 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for six weeks.

Kiss Kiss Kiss is one of my favorite BENI songs, probably because I’ve grown so used to it (not much variety to it) but it’s also just a very good track. It has that Western R&B influence again a lot of her songs in this era eventually would have and I love it, the chimes, the snapping beat, the synths and piano arrangement.. BENI’s singing melodies are also very catchy, especially in the chorus. Even though I liked her avex trax stuff, this wipes the floor with that.

I was surprised by Signal, and I really think this should’ve been on the album ‘Bitter & Sweet’. It’s more on the aggressive R&B side with a lot of attitude and edge, BENI herself contributed perfectly to that with her husky vocals. It’s the perfect B-side for Kiss Kiss Kiss with a much faster approach and a variety of beats, I love this!

By now I know most of DJ HASEBE’s remixes are very good. This time he gave Mou Nido to… DJ HASEBE REMIX a whole new flavor and he turned the pop ballad into a faster paced R&B song. I really like what he did to it, the beat is so smooth and it doesn’t take away anything that’s pretty about the original. BENI’s vocals come out even better now, strange huh? Another great effort.

4½ stars


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