Ayumi Hamasaki – No way to say

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Ayumi Hamasaki – No way to say

1. No way to say “Original Mix”
2. No way to say “Acoustic Version”
3. SEASONS “Acoustic Version”
4. Dearest “Acoustic Version”
5. Voyage “Acoustic Orchestra Version”
6. No way to say “Vandalize-Realize Mix”
7. No way to say “Original Mix” -Instrumental-

No way to say is the thirty-first single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on November 6, 2003. No way to say was used as the Panasonic’s Portable MD Player “MJ57” CM song and theme song for TBS variety show “Koisuru Hanikami”. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and sold 242,473 copies in 2003, becoming the #32 single of the year. It charted for 15 weeks and sold a total of 371,171 copies.

Ah, a winter ballad. No way to say “Original Mix” definitely kicks ass more than ‘forgiveness’ did if you ask me, probably because I like the use of melodies and arrangement better and Ayu’s vocals are much stronger. It has this real winter feel to it that I love, like you can almost feel the ice cold wind blowing by (ooh, it’s summer as I’m writing this, so strange). I can’t really find anything that I don’t like about this!

Ofcourse No way to say “Acoustic Version” also slays because it’s the exact same song, but now with just an acoustic guitar accompanying Ayu. It suits the style of the song very well and usually I love Ayumi’s acoustic versions of songs, so I’m in for a treat with this single.

One of my favorite songs is SEASONS, so to find SEASONS “Acoustic Version” here is quite something. They changed the melodies quite a bit with this piano tune they incorporated, but together with the guitar and accordeon it sounds pretty awesome after all. Nice take on a wonderful song.

Another amazing ballad brought back to life, this time from the ‘I am…’ era. Dearest “Acoustic Version”. Although… wait. This is actually pretty cheap. This version was already on the single version of Dearest, only then it was called “Acoustic Piano Version”. Caught in the act, Ayu.

Voyage “Acoustic Orchestra Version” starts off in the exact same way as the original and it stays pretty much the same. The only thing they did to it is strip away the percussion and leave the orchestral arrangement, which already makes up the most important part of the song. Not all that new.

From the very moment No way to say “Vandalize-Realize Mix” started I was a bit anxious of what they changed, because the first thing I heard was a fast dance beat, synths and piano. If you ask me it’s often a big no-no to turn a ballad into a dance track and… this isn’t really an exception.

I gave this single this rating because I didn’t like the remix and there were two pretty cheap acoustic versions (one copied straight off an older single and one sounding too much like the original). I did like the first three tracks so… In case you guys were wondering…




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