Koda Kumi – FREAKY

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Koda Kumi – FREAKY

2. Sora
3. Run For Your Life
4. girls
5. FREAKY / Surtek Collective’s Action Remix featuring Peter Rap
6. Sora / Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix
7. Run For Your Life / Kaskade Remix
8. girls / CUBISMO GRAFICO Beach Girls Mix

FREAKY is the thirty-sixth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on June 27, 2007. The title song was used in a CM for Honda’s “ZEST SPORTS”. The single reached #1 on Oricon charts (making it her fourth single to hit #1) and charted for 15 weeks. It sold 108,349 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it sold a total of 200,322 units.

So many new songs and only one to appear on her album, wow. FREAKY is actually like a sister song to her previous A-side ‘BUT’ because it has that same aggressive approach, but in a less quircky way and more next level. This is Kuu tackling a heavier rock style, a bit like ‘Ningyo-hime’, and I always think of this as one of the best songs on the album she released some time after this. It’s so fierce, I need her to release something like this again!

Now come the songs I heaven’t heard that often because they don’t appear on an album as far as I know. This single was released in the summer and Sora sounds like the perfect anthem for that. It’s so much lighter than FREAKY and very breezy, I really like it. This actually takes me back to better times when it comes to Kuu’s discography! Why doesn’t this appear on her new summer best album ‘SUMMER of LOVE’?

Run For Your Life is actually quite catchy and hearing it again after a long time makes me remember everything about this. It’s like groovy summer rock, not as aggressive as the A-side but definitely edgy. It’s a bit short for my taste because it’s just a little over three minutes, but that means this was very enjoyable!

Okay, girls does appear on some best albums (and it will also be featured on her new summer best album along with FREAKY), and hearing it doesn’t make me wonder why. Like all the other songs on this single it has summer written all over it but it distinguishes itself from the rest by being so uptempo and happy, a bit like ‘Lady Go!’. Like a true ear worm, this is insanely catchy!

Now for the remixes… FREAKY / Surtek Collective’s Action Remix featuring Peter Rap makes sense when it comes to the new music they created for it, but ofcourse the original beats this everyday. They decided to go with some kind of reggaeton style and it puts the original in a completely new perspective that I don’t hate, but I don’t love it either. Peter Rap spices it up with some Spanish right before the ending. I could get used to this, I guess, it’s original.

For Sora / Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix they stayed true to the light summer vibe of the original, adding more piano music, keyboard notes and beats making it a summer dance song. This comes close to being an updated version of the original, I love it and it’s almost six minutes long!

These remixes just keep getting longer, probably because of the long introductions. Run For Your Life / Kaskade Remix has had a dance make-over and it leaves the track kind of empty. I was glad to hear some synths further along in the track, they add some melody but still don’t save this from being a little bland.

I don’t really like the high pitched synth loops in girls / CUBISMO GRAFICO Beach Girls Mix, but at least they left the summer vibe as is and added some epic keyboard tunes to it (and some more beats as well). It’s six and a half minutes in length, which is a bit too long in this case, and I don’t really know where I stand with this yet. I’ll just leave it somewhere in the middle, it’ll probably grow on me later.

4 stars

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