Koda Kumi – BUT / Aishou

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Koda Kumi – BUT / Aishou

1. BUT
2. Aishou
3. BUT ~The Ghettobots Remix~
4. BUT (Instrumental)
5. Aishou (Instrumental)

BUT / Aishou is the thirty-fifth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on March 14, 2007. The single reached #2 on weekly Oricon charts and charted for 14 weeks. It sold 63,692 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it sold a total of 130,890 units.

I’m gonna pick up where I left off two years ago, reviewing Kuu’s earlier stuff by the era. BUT opens the ‘Kingdom’ era in an amazing way because of its aggressive sound. It’s actually quite robotic and edgy with a lot of electric guitars and Kuu’s fierce vocals. It’s quite a quirky song too but extremely catchy, and I think it worked pretty well for the Japanese version of the movie ‘Step Up’ (which this song was used for).

Aishou is a power ballad that continues the edgy sound by again incorporating electric guitars in the arrangement. Kuu puts a lot of emotion into her voice, which I think is necessary for a powerful song such as this one. Sometimes things get a little out of hand for my taste, but that’s probably just me. I never really knew what to think of this song, but it has grown on me a lot over the past 8 years.

Ofcourse there is a remix on this single, she did that a lot in those days and it’s always a nice plus if the remixes are nice. At times I don’t really get BUT ~The Ghettobots Remix~ because of the melodies it uses, it’s so different from the original and it takes away the catchiness and sass a bit. It’s a nice try, but ofcourse I prefer the original.

3½ stars

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