Girls’ Generation – PARTY

July 10, 2015 at 2:59 PM | Posted in Girls' Generation | 2 Comments

Girls’ Generation – PARTY

3. PARTY (Inst.)

PARTY is the second Korean physical single release by South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, released on July 7, 2015.

PARTY is a fun summer track, and oh how I love a good summer release. There are a lot of these and I don’t really like ‘let’s party’ type of songs, but this one is actually well executed! The vocals are nice, I don’t even mind the autotuned vocals when they spell out ‘P-A-R-T-Y’ in the chorus and the whole song just makes for a fluffy, light theme. Not special, but very likeable.

CHECK on the other hand is more mellow and slow, kind of sultry at times. It’s more controlled EDM than ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was (although I also liked that one), the girls are crooning and it’s quite catchy because it’s heavily filled with hooks. Both songs on this single were nicely done, not the best but fun for a summer single. I’m curious to know where they’ll be heading with their upcoming album!

3½ stars



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  1. Meh! This single was forgettable and average. I don’t even remember the dance! Though, you didn’t see much dancing because they’re too busy floating on balloons in the water and drinking mimosas or whatever they were xD “CHECK” was soooo much better and it’s still nothing amazing. Next!

  2. Next to this, their last single; “Catch Me if You Can” was the best thing ever…-_- I was never that crazy about that one, but it grew on me, a little.

    Both of these songs sucked! When will I finally get something good from SM? If I had to pick which one sucked less–it would be ‘Party’, at least that one had more of a beat to it, ‘Check’ was a snoozefest.

    A boring, terrible single – check!

    Sorry girls…Maybe you’re getting what you deserve for dumping Jessica. 😦

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