21st birthday yesterday!

July 3, 2015 at 7:01 PM | Posted in !Random! | 4 Comments

Yay, yesterday was my 21st birthday! I remember posting that first birthday post online at age 17, when MA was almost one year old. How time flies! Oh, and this is also my 500th post!!

So I’m done with school for now, after summer vacation I’ll only have one year of Master specialization and I’ll be done forever! I don’t have that much time to do nothing though. On Sunday I’ll be going to Prague with my boyfriend, after that it’s two weeks of working full time as a summer school teacher and I’ll have a little over a week off from everything in the last week of July. Then in August, it’s off to the USA again!

It’s hard for me to find time to really sit down and write a post, but I’ll keep on trying since there are still some things on my to-do list. So don’t lose hope, my dear music addicts. I will try my best!

Take care everyone and enjoy the summer !! (I’ll be suffering here, heat wave and 95 degrees…)

~ Jade xx



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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a great day!

    Enjoy your trip to Prague and relax. Don’t worry about MA, we can wait. 🙂

    I’ll certainly enjoy the Summer–my favorite Season, and it’s 4th of July weekend over here, which means a BBQ, spending time with family, and of course – FIREWORKS!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks again! And that’s great, enjoy this wonderful weekend! ^^ Op 3 jul. 2015 20:06 schreef “Music Addiction” :


  2. Happy Birthday!!^^ I hope you had fun!

    Have a nice trip and enjoy your vacation! MA and all of us will still be here no matter what, so don’t worry about not being able to post anything. We’ll wait as long as it takes 🙂

    I hate summer but I’ll do my best to enjoy it 😛

    • Thanks so much! See my last email if you wanna know about my day, I sent it about two hours ago 🙂

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