SHINee – Odd

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SHINee – Odd

1. Odd Eye
2. Love Sick
3. View
4. Romance
5. Trigger
6. Farewell My Love
7. An Ode To You
8. Alive
9. Woof Woof
10. Black Hole
11. An Encore

♦ ♦ ♦

Odd is the fourth Korean album by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on May 18, 2015. On May 26, 2015, they released a B Version of the album. Both versions feature the same tracklist but come with different covers, photobooks, posters and member cards.

Odd Eye opens the album in a slow way, not what I was expecting but it definitely has an interesting sound. It’s like mellow R&B with some good raps by Minho in the verses, it spices things up a bit. After a while I get used to the sound of the track as a whole and I guess I like it, it just needs to grow on me a little bit more.

In the style of Replay, Love Sick is the mature version of that song putting SHINee’s masculinity in the spotlights. The roles are reversed here, now that the girl is the one who is love sick. The song has a very nice tempo to it, and I love the central role of the synths in the music and the amazing vocals (Onew!).

View is like new ground for SHINee since it’s a house track with a very catchy and danceable arrangement with keyboard chords. I understand immediately why this is the lead track, it just sounds like one of those songs that is put on repeat on major radio stations. Nice fact: Jonghyun wrote the lyrics! Another nice fact: this is one of the few house tracks that I actually LIKE!

So apparently SHINee decided to incorporate a couple of styles on their new Korean album. Romance is so different from View in that it has a funky pop style with a lot of guitar riffs that are actually quite catchy. The cowbells in the background actually reminded a little of ‘Blurred Lines’, is that weird? Just put Pharrell Williams in Korea and he’ll probably come up with a tune like this. Shoobeedooooo…

Of all the songs on the album, Trigger is probably influenced by hiphop the heaviest and it forms such a contrast with the lighter sound of the previous tracks. There are definitely some amazing parts in this track, mostly the parts where the music really breaks loose. In my opinion this track should’ve been a little less mellow, the chorus barely stands out to me.

Oooh, 90s synth music. The music of Farewell My Love is low tempo and it actually feels like a mix between 90s because of the lovely synth and piano notes and modern music because of the snappy beats. This song draws my attention more than Trigger did, also because the vocals are so much better here. They’re showing off their amazing vocal techniques which I think they should do in every single track. This is smooooth!

And now a ballad, wow these guys keep surprising me. An Ode To You sounds romantic by the title alone, but the music is also breathtaking with just a piano and strings opening. It sounds like one of those songs you’d expect in a romantic movie during a ballroom scene or something like that, it’s very pretty! It’s just so different from the rest of the songs I’d probably want this as the last track, even despite the addition of percussion and electric guitars near the end.

Bringing back the hiphop flavor in a much better way than Trigger did, there is Alive. From the very first moment that crackling beat started I’m feeling this so much. The absolute star of this song is Key with his amazing deep vocals and raps with Minho. This offers me so much more to enjoy that if there’s a competition between this and Trigger, this song would win any day. One of the absolute favorites!

Woof Woof is a very interesting track because of it’s swing and jazz influences which I liked very much, the guys handle it all so well! SHINee and brass instruments sounds so crazy it’s too good to be true. The guys are always energetic but now I can almost feel their energy bursting through my speakers. This song is CRAZY!

Black Hole sounds so… safe after all those interesting and surprising tracks preceding it. It may be one of the shortest songs on the album, but on this note it’s also the most forgettable to me too. I do like the disco sound, haven’t encountered that here yet. So it’s not bad or anything.

Closing the album there is, ofcourse, a ballad, but I think it has the perfect feel for it to be placed here! An Encore has a breathtaking chorus that makes me want to put this song on replay, and the fact that the song’s focus is on the vocals makes it even more perfect. It’s one of those songs you don’t just listen to, you can feel it as well. Love this!

I started this review on May 26, but then I got so caught up in writing my bachelor thesis that I didn’t finish it until now. I must admit the first couple of tracks didn’t really excite me like crazy, so that’s probably why I put it on hold. I didn’t expect to eventually like this album this much! From View on, it almost becomes perfection! SHINee always has a certain style, but with this album they haven’t only matured, they also showed so many different sides of themselves as a group. I love it when an album incorporates many styles, so this is definitely an awesome new addition to my music collection. Thanks SHINee!

Favorite songs: Love Sick | View | Farewell My Love | An Ode To You | Alive | Woof Woof | An Encore

4 stars



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  1. Nice review! Overall, I call this a good album. A few songs weren’t that great but I got a lot more good songs…so that’s good 😀 I fell in love with Odd Eye and An Encore. Along with View, those are my top faves! Leave it to my ultimate biased group not to let me down! Thank you so much, SHINee! ❤

  2. It feels like “Kiss My Lips” all over again. I feel nothing really stands out on this album. I don’t think there is a song I’d love to hear over, and over again, like I do with past SHINee songs. I found “View” repetitive with a terrible MV. You did get some decent songs on here, but not much, and nothing worth jumping out of your seat for either. Even SHINee has failed me. *Sigh* Another disappointing album from SM. I don’t know. Maybe I’m hard to please…Nah! “Odd” just isn’t any good! Sorry, SHINee 😦

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