BoA – Who Are You

May 6, 2015 at 12:24 PM | Posted in BoA | 2 Comments

BoA – Who Are You

1. Who Are You (feat. Gaeko)

Who Are You is the 8th Korean digital single by South Korean singer BoA, released on May 6, 2015. The single was released a week before her new Korean album ‘Kiss My Lips’.

Who Are You (feat. Gaeko) opens with BoA singing in English to a lovely little piano melody before the song moves into a more uptempo vibe with a handclap beat. That piano melody can still be found somewhere in the background throughout the song so it forms a whole. BoA’s vocals are top notch again in this song, but I’m not used to any different from her. Gaeko is what I’m concerned about. I don’t know how the fans will handle his performance in this track. I think it’s okay, he adds a little spice to the (already amazing) track, although his singing parts were more in line with the overall vibe than his raps were. Maybe I need a little time to get used to how his style incorporates in the song, but I think the overall track is an amazing little taste of what is yet to come. See you next week for the album review!

4 stars



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  1. I’m a little concerned for the album now but still excited. What is it about this song? It’s just…eh? :/ It’s not bad but it’s nothing amazing. I love so many other BoA songs! I’ll admit, the chorus is catchy. What might have made me enjoy this less was this Gaeko guy. Here I am enjoying BoA’s vocals and the nice little arrangements in the background until this guy goes on and on for two minutes. Just let her sing and be quiet! Also, I didn’t like the MV. Why on earth does she have this girl Park Sora being the girl in it?! Why couldn’t it be her?! You hardly got her in the MV at all! What a disappointment 😦 And she has to pick an EXO member I couldn’t care less about?! Out of like eight members she picks one I don’t like?! Sehun?! Seriously?! *Sighs* What is it with people kinda disappointing me lately? SNSD (well, didn’t expect much without Jessica, anyway) and now my BoBo 😦 The last good thing I got was SHINee’s “Your Number”. Take me back to 2013 (there I go back in time again xD) and just give me “Disturbance”. Now, that’s a GREAT digital single and the man in it is the love of my life, haha. I’m looking forward to your Korean comeback BoA!!! ❤ It's been too long! Please, don't disappoint me, okay? *Begs* You're better than this. I know you are! That's why I love you so much 😀 Overall, pretty average song that I'm still trying to decide if it's worth having on my MP3…

  2. The verse parts sound somewhat like her song: “Baby You…” but maybe it’s just me 😛 Haven’t seen the MV, so I can’t say anything on it. So what we have here is another average single from BoA, sorta like “FLY” except that was better, and you didn’t get a guy trying to take over her song -_- Nothing bad, nothing great. But will we ever get another “Close to me” song? I’m still looking foward to her next album nonetheless 🙂

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