SHINee – Your Number

March 16, 2015 at 2:33 PM | Posted in SHINee | 4 Comments

SHINee – Your Number

1. Your Number
3. Your Number (Instrumental)

Your Number is the eleventh Japanese single by South Korean boy group SHINee, released on March 11, 2015. The single peaked at #1 on the Oricon charts in its first week.

Your Number is another typical SHINee song that could never let you down. Catchy as ever, it features a nice pop/R&B flow and some brassy elements mixed in throughout the song. I always find that very original. The guys sound great, even Minho who gets some singing parts instead of just raps! This is just sassy, if you ignore the fact that this is (ofcourse) about wanting to talk to a girl you really like, something SHINee does frequently.

Can’t help imagining SHINee in a field of flowers now xD    The beginning of LOVE kind of takes you to a classic romantic movie and it also reminds me a bit of Diana DeGarmo’s ‘Don’t Cry Out Loud’, which makes this probably the most unusual SHINee song ever! It needs some time to get used to, but eventually it’s a very original and one of a kind song. Interesting, but fun.

4 stars



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  1. This was perfection to me ❤ "Your Number" is annoying for me because it stays in my head whenever I hear it xD As for "LOVE", well, I'm in love with it 😀 I couldn't believe it the first time I heard it. The arrangements are so beautiful and their singing was…amazing? Amazing doesn't seem like the best word but it's the best off the top of my head right now. Yes, "Your Number" seemed like a typical SHINee song (it had that SHINee feel to it, not a bad thing, of course) but it can be as typical as it wants with something so different and beautiful as "LOVE" to follow after it. Does it sound like "LOVE" is my favorite? Yes! 😀 I'm just going to listen to it again and drool some more ❤

  2. “Your Number” was a good single. With an average but catchy A-side, while the B-side “LOVE” was unlike anything I’ve heard from SHINee. I’m going to have to go with “LOVE” as the better song. Strange that the B-side is usually the better one when it comes to an artist/group single release.

  3. Um, Jade, how do you actually rate this? It says 4 1/2, but it only has 4 whole yellow stars. I thought it was a glitch at first, because I was using a mobile device, but it’s like that on a PC too.

    • Nothing special, I’m human and I make mistakes. Fixed it

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