Girls’ Generation – THE BEST

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Girls’ Generation – THE BEST

~Disc 1: THE BEST~
2. Gee
3. Run Devil Run
8. Time Machine
10. Oh!
16. My Oh My
17. Mr.Mr. (Japanese Version)
18. Indestructible

♦ ♦ ♦

THE BEST is the first Japanese best album by South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, released on July 23, 2014. The album came in a bucketload of different versions, peaking at #1 on the charts and selling over 146,000 copies.

Okay, breathe Jade, you got a lot of ground to cover here. This is finally my chance to discover some of the older and popular songs SNSD made and GENIE is the first on the list. After a while this tune actually becomes really catchy despite that “I’m genie for your weeesh” line, it’s nice and uptempo and a decent debute for the group.

Sooo… basically Gee is their most popular song ever and it’s so different from where they are now. Like, this is CUTENESS with capital letters, super fast paced with high pitched vocals and very poppy. I can see why many people like it, but usually I’m not too much into the overly cute vocals.

And to think Ke$ha made a demo of Run Devil Run herself. This song is a bit more of a forerunner of their current musical style and much more mature than the previous two songs. I think that’s why I like it a bit more, it has a nice amount of attitude and edge, and the use of synths and brass instruments is very good.

When it comes to the vocals, MR. TAXI is just the way I like it. This was one of their original Japanese songs (no Korean cover) and it’s another one that shows a more mature side. The lyrics in the chorus make sure this song stays in your head, like, all day long for sure. Very catchy, this actually works for me!

I was surprised that now a lot of more edgy songs are featured in a row, since BAD GIRL is the next one that has great use of beats and synths in an amazingly catchy way. This wasn’t even a single, but if you ask me, it should have been since I really like it.

Now HOOT brings a whole different vibe to the string of songs here with more of a surfer feel, which I really like. The chorus here is, again, extremely catchy and not in a typical K-pop way for a change. It has some cute moments ofcourse, but the song as a whole sounds very playful.

One of my absolute favorites has to be THE BOYS, in all its versions. It’s one of their sexier songs with a lot of attitude and edge and I can’t get enough of that amazing intro. The great use of beats is an amazing plus as well.

Time Machine is a slower song with quite an emotional touch to it but it has some amazing melodies too. I think this one has grown on me a lot in the past couple of months and it’s now one of my favorite SNSD songs. The MV for it is also a must see, so be sure to check it out. Recommended song alert!

The next song is quite different from the rest in a couple of ways. PAPARAZZI has a more darker K-pop feel and it doesn’t have the repetitive choruses (by repeating the title word) this time. It’s nice for a change but the other side of the coin is that it makes the song less memorable for me (and with 27 songs to review, it’s a good thing to be memorable).

And then SNSD decided to go waaay back to release a Japanese self-cover of Oh!, which kind of surprised me after all the original songs they released in Japan. By now I can definitely hear the difference between their older and newer work and this has the repetitive hooks and cutesy vocals more than the previous songs did. It’s nice, but very typical in a way. Still, I like the line “Oppa, oppa, I’ll be down“, don’t know why, kinda catchy.

ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU is like a breath of fresh air for me with its different sound. It sounds more like a R&B power ballad and the melodies in the chorus are amazing. Now this is what I call a solid song really displaying their talent for good music and not just for releasing earworms if you know what I mean. This is why I love the girls.

Apparently SNSD saw the light after a while and they just decided to pop out songs like FLOWER POWER as their new signature style. It’s another great example of their synthpop/dance flavoured songs (despite the awful lyrics if you ask me) and it’s quite infectuous. It’s hard to stay original by now, but they manage.

When I reviewed BEEP BEEP a little over a year ago (on the LOVE&PEACE album) I compared it to the Ke$ha singsong style, and although I still think this is true this is also a throwback for SNSD to their early days. Cute as can be with a lot of repetitive lines (“Hello hello, moshi moshi, ciao ciao, busy busy“) so this is probably gonna stay in my head all day (and as I’m writing this I will have to go to Uni later so… comes in handy. NOT).

LOVE&GIRLS, this is right about where I come in on the timeline with my SNSD reviews. I remember loving this so much in 2013 over the summer because of its carefree summer feel, experimental sound and overall happiness. It’s empty as heck, but it’s just so much fun and I can’t help myself, I love it!

For a song called GALAXY SUPERNOVA is doesn’t have the energy I expected, it has a more toned down attitude and it’s actually more of a slick song. There are some very infectuous and strong adlibs in this song too. Don’t really know yet where I stand with this one, I really like it but it could’ve been better with a little more punch to it.

I like the way Taeyon and Tiffany opened the catchy My Oh My. I remember this song very well (even more than I did GALAXY SUPERNOVA), probably because it’s one of the few SNSD songs with a funkier K-pop approach. They brough it to Japan in the best of ways and I’d like to give some special credit to Taeyon for her amazing vocals.

Ooooh, a Japanese version of Mr.Mr., a song I have always liked. It was only released last year but it’s more stuck in my head than most of the other songs they released. I love how it’s a combination of dance music and funky K-pop mixed up very well. This one has a good grind, I can tell you.

Time for a new song! Indestructible slows down the album again since it’s a ballad (and my gosh we only had 3 out of 18). It has a very nice and smooth R&B feel to it which I really like and the vocals are amazing. Although their uptempo’s are very good, I think I prefer SNSD songs like this one over those any day. Amazing bonus track for the album.

IMPORTANT: If anyone knows where I can find the member’s recommend disc 2, please contact me. I would like to finish this post with all the solo songs on disc 2.
As for disc 1, I have enjoyed myself more than I initially thought catching up with SNSD’s most popular songs. I can say I’m more satisfied with where they are now compared to what they started with, I’m not that much into the cute and typical K-pop girl group music to be honest. They have progressed very well and this best album is the perfect timeline to discover that. I’m very pleased and I’m looking forward to their new Korean album they will be releasing this year!

Favorite tracks: Run Devil Run | MR. TAXI | HOOT | THE BOYS | Time Machine | ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU | LOVE&GIRLS | My Oh My | Indestructible

4 stars



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  1. I’m surprised to see a best review on your site! Nice one, too!
    You can’t really go wrong with Girls’ Generation, to be honest. I still haven’t checked out their second album, but their first and third ones (Japanese) are pure pop perfection.

    • Thanks for the comment! And the compliment ofcourse, haha, sometimes I tend to do a best album review because it’s quite easy to catch up with an artists’ early work. I’ll be sure to check out the first and second album as well!

      • Definitely check out the first one! It’s the best, by far! The third one isn’t far behind, either.
        I actually wasn’t impressed by their second one when I first heard it, but I might need to recheck it out eventually.

  2. Thanks for reviewing my request. Nice one.

    • Glad you liked it! If there’s anything else, please let me know ^^

  3. I like SNSD, probably the best girl group out there, though I haven’t heard much others. I like their ballads and think they should do more, but I guess they’re more of a pop group. The song selection is hardly the “Best”, I could think of some other ones that were better than “Run Devil Run” “The Boys” and “PAPARAZZI”. How about: “Promise” “Say Yes” or “Top Secret”? Maybe even “How Great is Your Love” Things won’t be the same without Jessica though. 😦 Don’t know if I really care for their next album.

    • Some people would call SNSD overrated (and maybe that is true). But who else is there, really? Girl groups just have a lot of the same sounding songs to me and they’re too cutesy (some cute stuff is fine but it gets to the point of it being annoying lots of times, just saying). But SNSD does have some variety towards the later years and they aren’t so cutesy anymore. Does anybody else think they do better stuff in Japan or is it just me? Which makes me wonder why they are still so popular in Korea. As for this album being the “Best”, I really think it lives up to it’s name. A lot of SNSD’s best songs and classics are on here. Though I’m not too fond of “The Boys” or “PAPARAZZI” myself and “Mr. Taxi” didn’t do a thing for me a year ago when I first heard it and it still doesn’t to this day. Also, I think “Run Devil Run” is their worst song ever (sorry to all the lovers! please, don’t hate me) and the MV just creeped me out. But still, like 80% of it is good, I would say. And do you really think Jessica will make that much of a difference? Not that I hate Jessica or anything (she’s probably one of the best in the group) but it was always Taeyeon and Tiffany who were the main ones, anyway, and Taeyeon does all the ad-libbing. Correct me if I’m wrong: are they or are they not disbanding this year? And is this not their last album coming up this year? Anyone can answer this, please 🙂 It wasn’t directed at Cybuster. For anyone who wonders why I didn’t say this to begin with (not that I’m sure anyone really is, haha)…see how long it is? I only had time to give Jade some thanks earlier 😉

  4. I corrected myself that I wasn’t wrong. It’s fine, I’ve ask some questions on here that never seem to get answered. I wish people would interact more on here. I feel like it’s me and Cybuster (Jade sometimes, of course) talking amongst ourselves and that’s it. You guys care about MA, right? Show MA and Jade some love!! Let’s go!

    • Thanks for this SHINee_Girl, I love you for it 😉 But as you can see there are others commenting every now and then (Mack, shinitakashi..), just not as often as you guys. People don’t have to comment every time to let me know they’re there, I have the visitor stats in my admin screen and they look good, don’t worry 😉

  5. Glad to hear it 😀

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