Dana Hong – Asura

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Dana Hong – ASURA

1. 탓탓탓 (feat. Swings)
2. 취해도 추해지진 않아
3. 웃기지마
4. Asura

♦ ♦ ♦

Asura is a mini-album by South-Korean singer Dana Hong, released on February 2, 2015 (and that’s really all the information I could find on this…).

So please clarify one thing for me: is she or isn’t she Dana the (former?) member of CJSH The Grace? I can’t find anything on this girl or this album for that matter. I don’t recognize her voice anyway, though in 탓탓탓 (feat. Swings) she sounds very interesting. Dana has a soulful voice and soulful R&B music to go with it and Swings’ raps are nice too. Catchy stuff.

취해도 추해지진 않아  shows another side of Dana while still sticking to the soul sound I think the entire album has. She opens by singing to piano music only, while later percussion and strings come in as well. It’s an interesting musical style and although other K-pop artists have explored this genre, they haven’t done it as traditionally as Dana. It’s almost like jazz music, which I’m not too fond of but she makes it interesting with her scatting.

Next, 웃기지마 is a little more uptempo and more poppy as well, which makes for some nice variation on this already short album. Dana’s voice sounds so much better as well, less nasal and annoyingly high pitched (sorry). It’s catchy with some nice guitar riffs in the background, very groovy and different from the previous two songs, but kind of generic in my opinion though.

And then we already have the final song, the title song Asura. It reminds me a little of Alicia Keys’ early days with its R&B/soul sound, but Dana clearly has her fingerprints all over this. I think this song has the most ‘oomph’ out of the four of them and the best attitude. It’s smooth, edgy and sassy, and I enjoyed this the most.

So I can’t really form a clear opinion of Dana and her album since four songs isn’t sufficient to get to know her at all. What I do know is that she has a clear style of her own and she knows how to handle it, she knows how to stand out. The jazzy side of her music is something I need to get used to, but her R&B/soul side is nice to listen to. I think I will give this ‘album’ (if you can call it that) another chance in the future, just to get out of this gray zone here.

Favorite track: Asura

3 stars

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