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1. FLY
2. Airport de Machiawase
3. FLY (Instrumental)
4. Airport de Machiawase (Instrumental)

FLY is the thirty-eighth Japanese single by South-Korean singer BoA, released on December 3, 2014. The title track was used as the ending theme for TV Tokyo’s ‘Soiyou Mystery 9’.

Okay, so this single totally slipped my mind, I didn’t even know it existed until about two weeks ago. I’ve been struggling to find the time to review it ever since, but here we go!

FLY opens with a beautiful piano solo and I always love the way BoA incorporates piano music in her slower songs. This is not really a ballad, more like a midtempo with a little sass to it. At first I thought it would be emotional, but there’s a sense of positivity in the music. I wonder why she chose to release something new right after she releases an album filled with past A-sides, especially since this would fit quite well onto that album. Still, a good new A-side to close BoA’s 2014.

So one song is called  FLY and the other one is Airport de Machiawase, quite the ‘airy’ theme (pun intended) right? There’s more of a bounce to this B-side and although I think waiting at an airport (which is the translation of the title) is like the most boring thing a person could do, listening to this song while doing it would actually make it less tedious if you ask me. Is it strange that I like this song a little more than FLY?

4 stars



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  1. I heard “Fly” but I haven’t heard “Airport de Machiawase”, yet (better get to it). As for “Fly”, I forgot all about it, too xD Maybe it’s because the song didn’t do much for me. Also, I thought this was a safe performance for BoA. Come on, BoBo, use those great vocals you have, please! Overall, not a bad song, I suppose.

  2. I liked “FLY” better than the the B song, but I liked her performance better in “Air de Machiawase.” Too bad the vocals can’t be switched. But where is her korean stuff? Seems like she has been doing more japanese lately. What was her last korean album, “Only One?” (Great album though.) However, I have heard from SM, that she is to release a korean album sometime this year, along with a special gift for her fans. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂 Another nice review by the way, Jade.

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