Namie Amuro – BRIGHTER DAY

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Namie Amuro – BRIGHTER DAY

3. Still Lovin’ You
4. BRIGHTER DAY (Instrumental)
5. SWEET KISSES (Instrumental)
6. Still Lovin’ You (Instrumental)

BRIGHTER DAY is the forty-second single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on November 12, 2014. The title song was used as theme song for the Fuji TV’s drama First Class.

Namie couldn’t care less that Winter is coming, with BRIGHTER DAY she released another great song that could easily be more of a Spring theme. I love how the music swells and a strong beat comes in accompanied by a piano and chimes. Her vocals never disappoint and again she uses them in all the right ways. No English/Japanese hybrid, she’s back to her old ways. A very uplifting feeling in the music with a more than fitting title.

SWEET KISSES does bring back the English into Namie’s music. It’s a short song at just under three minutes in length and it upholds the vibrant theme this single apparently has. I’m just not that excited by this song as a whole, it lacks depth and it’s more of the same throughout.

Still Lovin’ You slows things down which is a good thing, I always like it when a single is a bit balanced. The beats are still there, but compared to BRIGHTER DAY the focus is more on the synths and piano. It’s cute and adorable, with Namie’s vocals powerful but sweet. A very catchy tune that is definitely better than the previous track.

4 stars

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