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Hi guys,

As you know I have been making comeback promises for a while now, but lately I just couldn’t keep those promises for some unexpected reasons. I now think it is finally time to explain myself, since a lot of you apparently keep coming back to MA hoping for some new updates. And no, I don’t mind opening up at all.

First of all, 3rd year in University is killing, that’s a fact and I can deal with that. What I couldn’t deal with for a while was the fact that my (now ex-)boyfriend was a lying cheater that played me for an entire year. For a little while my world was crushed when he broke up with me because he ‘wanted to see what’s still out there’ after I gave him everything I had. I had to pick myself up all over again and my priority was school ofcourse. That’s why I was absent for so long; I had to make sure not to throw away my studies and my future for a stupid liar that broke my heart until there was almost nothing left. And in case you’re wondering: ofcourse I hate his guts right now.

As for now, I pretty much have my life back on track and I’m living my life in the best possible way. I have a week off from school, so I have PLANS to catch up with some music releases. Can’t promise anything like I said, but I still feel like I have to keep MA up and I can’t let it go. Thank you all for your support, without you I would’ve probably given up on the blog a while ago. Keep it up and take care!

Love, Jade

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