Koda Kumi – HOTEL

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Koda Kumi – HOTEL

1. Introduction ~Check IN~
3. Interlude ~Secret Room~
4. MONEY IN MY BAG5. Interlude ~Last Night Dream~

HOTEL is the fifty-seventh single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on August 6, 2014. It peaked at #5 on the charts and has sold approximately 21,915 singles to date.

Oh, no. Let’s just pretend that introduction and those interludes aren’t here. Introduction ~Check IN~ is just plain terrible. Thank God, HOTEL makes it all better. It has a Western Urban groove going on that I absolutely adore. Those brassy elements are wonderful. I like her low half-rapping vocals very much, while further along in the song she displays great singing abilities and adlibs. I used to play TOUCH DOWN on repeat, but I think I’ve found my new repeat song for the next couple of days (weeks?). Kuu always does these kind of songs so well, she should do them more often. Best song on the entire single.

Interlude ~Secret Room~ is just a tiny little musical introduction to MONEY IN MY BAG. This is a little song of just 2:30 minutes and it’s right up HOTEL‘s lane, but then again it’s faster and edgier. Still I feel it’s more rushed and it has less production value than HOTEL, as if it was recorded in just one take. Still, it’s quite catchy in its own way.

The irritating guy from the introduction is back again for Interlude ~Last Night Dream~, so luckily that one’s over quickly so we can get to TURN AROUND. Surprisingly, it’s the ballad of this single, and I already thought I was missing one. It’s an R&B ballad that has a little throwback vibe to it since it reminds me a bit of Kuu’s earlier days. I think it has to grow on me because I notice it has potential, it just doesn’t grab me as much as it possibly could and should. Maybe this single is not her best single anywayz.

3 stars

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