Girls’ Generation – Mr.Mr.

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Girls’ Generation – Mr.Mr.

1. Mr.Mr.
2. Goodbye
3. Europa
4. Wait a Minute
5. Back Hug
6. Soul

♦ ♦ ♦

Mr.Mr. is the fourth Korean mini-album by South-Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, released on February 24, 2014.

Mr.Mr. starts with some heavy distortion, making me expect a heavy dance song. Eventually the verses sound a bit more aggressive than the choruses, which are funkier. What I like so much about this song is that it’s both catchy and it has good grind, hip-pop like. That catchiness is kinda what saves the song in a major way, because most of the time the funkier K-pop songs tend to do worse for me. Exception to the rule found.

Speaking of funky songs, it seems SNSD follows the latest K-pop trend and made Goodbye another funky song. That bass guitar in the background does the trick, and together with some more fitting vocals from Taeyeon and some nice cymbals it makes another nice song to listen to. SNSD easy-listening style, as I’d like to call it.

SNSD goes Homecoming with Europa, a light pop song that emphasizes yet another side of the girls as a group. Jessica was the perfect choice to deliver the opening vocals, it totally set the tone for the entire song. SNSD uses synths a lot in their songs, but this time the synths are higher pitched and combined with deep beats and a guitar. It’s catchy and fluffy, just a cute song that’s fun.

Wait a Minute continues the string of funky songs on the mini-album, being a bouncy kind of song. It´s definitely not the most memorable song here, it just flows a little too well to include any highlights that stick out, but it is catchy (in the way that you can’t fully sit still to it). I’ll forget about the melodies and such within the hour.

Sit back and relax for Back Hug, a sweet pop song with handclaps and acoustic guitars. It’s the first real ballad that can be found on this album, and it has such a cute and heart warming sound. I choose this one over Wait a Minute anytime because of its richness of calming instruments and vocals.

The ‘takeoff-intro’ in Soul made me think this would work a little better as the first song on the album instead of the last, but the overall song doesn’t really match with that exciting intro eventually. Still, it’s a very energetic and edgy song with an amazing electric guitar in the hooks, just to die for. Just not what you’d expect after the intro. Anywayz, it’s definitely one of the better songs on the album and maybe even better than Mr.Mr.

So in the end I enjoyed this mini-album pretty much. SNSD is becoming more and more one of my standard groups/artists to follow because of their energetic style and good use of vocals. Last year they released two very good albums, and I was wondering of they could continue that amazing succes. Well, for a mini-album this is good enough, but not better than ‘LOVE&PEACE’ and ‘I Got A Boy’. Still, this shouldn’t be overlooked by those who like SNSD’s type of music.

Favorite songs: Mr.Mr. | Europa | Back Hug | Soul

4 stars

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