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Again it appears I have had other musical interests this year, and I have listened to a little less music than usual because of my busy schedule. But still, it’s always a funny idea to look back into this year’s Last FM listening trends. My top 3 has never changed much in the past few years, my #1 will probably be permanent (because Disney just fckng rules 4life) but lower on the list are the newer additions. This list features plays from December 27, 2012 to December 24, 2013, since I prepared this post in advance on the 24th (as you are reading this, I am in London!). Anyway, join me on my trip through my personal ‘2013 in Music’!

1. Disney – 1,270 plays
Last year: #1
This will probably never change since my heart will always beat for Disney, it’s what I live for. I still listen to my 5 CD Disney collection every once in a while, it just lifts my spirit like crazy. This year I had less plays than previous years, but maybe that’ll change next year because I will never stop listening to those lovely, classic Disney songs. If I’m not the only one (sometimes it feels that way), give this post a like!

2. Ayumi Hamasaki – 791 plays
Last year: #3
Ayu went from #2 to #3 and back to #2, mostly due to her amazing album released in February 2013. Her 2012 stuff wasn’t very special, but the 2013 album LOVE again brought back my love for her. I couldn’t stop listening to SAKURA, the best song on the entire album. Meanwhile, I took my time to listen to some of her older albums again, and I found I have a weak spot for her debut album. Her latest single is probably her worst in a long time, but I hope it’ll get better in 2014!

3. Koda Kumi – 499 plays
Last year: #2
Kuu has’t released many new things in 2013, so she dropped to #3 on the list. Last year she blew me away with JAPONESQUE, but this year we had only two singles or so, which isn’t much. Still, Dreaming Now! was a pretty good single and Summer Trip wasn’t bad either. I’m just waiting for her to put her latest three singles on an entirely new album, hopefuly T.B.R. soon!

4. Kalafina – 291 plays
Last year: #8
Kalafina has been my new love, and I’m sure there were more plays this year but somehow they got lost. I adore their album Red Moon, and Consolation, which was released this year, was one of the best albums of 2013. The title track is amazing and all the singles that were released lived up to the expectations. Their folk rock style is one of my guilty pleasures and I hope they’ll release new material soon since they have already released two new singles recently.

5. Christina Aguilera – 277 plays
Last year: #4
The first drop on the list, albeit only 1 spot. All of Christina’s plays are due to her 2012 album Lotus, which is one of the most amazing albums ever made (don’t hate me, I know many people think it was the worst thing that ever existed). I just can’t stop listening to all the catchy songs, which are exactly what I like in music. Because of her job as coach on The Voice she hasn’t been very active in the music business, but her new song with A Great Big World was a bullseye. Love it!

6. P!nk – 206 plays
Last year: n.a.
A newcomer, wow! I have loved P!nk’s music for, like, forever, ever since she debuted back in the early 2000’s, but when she released her album Funhouse in 2008 I really started to pay more attention to her. I have been to her Funhouse Tour with my mom in 2009 and it was an experience that I’ll never forget, this woman can do anything. Her video for the song ‘Try’ demonstrates what an amazing dancer, acrobat and performer she is, so it’s probably one of my favorite P!nk videos ever. If you haven’t please try her album The Truth About Love!

7. Maroon 5 – 166 plays
Last year: #5
Despite the drop on the list in comparison to last year, I haven’t stopped loving these guys. In fact, I’m still excited to see them perform live in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam next month! The concert was supposed to be held on July 3, but it was rescheduled so yeah I’m still counting down to January 20, 2014. I have listened to more than 166 plays to be honest, because the Overexposed cd was on repeat in my car throughout the Summer, but Last FM doesn’t make that count ofcourse.

8. Beyoncé – 152 plays
Last year: n.a.
I don’t know how this happened, but this is probably because of her latest cd that dropped unexpectedly this month. Ever since that day, songs like Partition, Yoncé, Jealous and Blue have been on repeat on every possible moment. The album grew on me quickly and although I was disappointed by the change of style at first, I realized this is perfect to give in to my secret love for hiphop music. So… sorry not sorry.

9. Demi Lovato – 137 plays
Last year: n.a.
A lot of newcomers this year, and this girl has the same story that Maroon 5 has. I have played her cd Demi over an over again in my car, so there is more than meets the eye here. I was also addicted to a song on her album Unbroken, which led me to love the entire album with it as well. Her image is so compelling and her songs are very accessible, as if they apply to everyone’s life. So I’ll probably have more plays of this young woman next year!

10. Ellie Goulding – 121 plays
Last year: n.a.
Ellie is probably the star that has risen the most on this list since I hadn’t even heard from her until this March or so and I started listening to her music in November. Her album Bright Lights has been on repeat for several times and all of her singles are instant favorites. Mostly she makes uptempo songs that made me give electropop another chance, but with How Long Will I Love You she really touched me (and even made me cry). Encore!

That’s it for 2013, guys! See you next year!

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