Best of 2013: ~New Discoveries~

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It’s that time of year again! Wow, how time flies, it’s time for another series of posts that will capture 2013 in a nutshell on Music Addiction. As the tradition goes, the 18th of December features the ‘New Discoveries’ posts to show which artists/groups have captured my attention this year!

Ariana Grande
Love her for: Her Mariah Carey-esque vocals, oldschool R&B style and down to earth attitude
Best tracks: Emotions, Baby I, The Way (feat. Mac Miller), Tattooed Heart, Put Your Hearts Up, Popular Song (feat. MIKA)

Who doesn’t know Ariana as the amazing and hilarious Cat on Victorious! and The Sam & Cat Show? As Cat, Ariana definitely caught my attention. But then she opened her mouth and I couldn’t get her huge vocal range out of my head anymore. Everyone should check out Ariana’s cover of Mariah’s Emotions, I did so and I almost fainted when I heard it. This girl has some serious talent, and she created the perfect debut album this year to emphasize that. Despite her young age, Ariana did good in showing off her mature image without overdoing it. I hope she’ll release more material in 2014, she’s got me excited!

Demi Lovato
Love her for: Being such a badass powerhouse and the symbol of strength
Best tracks: Lightweight, Heart Attack, Made In The USA, Let It Go, La La Land, Who’s That Boy (feat. DEV), Skyscraper, Warrior

Ofcourse I have known Demi’s music (and acting) for quite some time, but somehow I never gave this girl a shot. Then, by chance, I heard the song Lighweight, and since that song pretty much described my life at that moment I just got stuck to it. I kept on replaying her album Unbroken over the summer, with her self-titled album Demi as well. I dove into her earlier releases as well, which were pretty awesome all the same. Next to being very talented, Demi also has overcome many many issues and she is the perfect example for many girls and women around the world. You just can’t hate her, IMO.

Ellie Goulding
Love her for: Her unique vocals and kickass musical style
Best tracks: Lights, The Writer, Your Song, My Blood, How Long Will I Love You, Salt Skin, Burn

Somehow I never noticed her song Lights until earlier this year, I think somewhere in March/April. I heard this 2011 song and I played it on repeat about 23 times in a row, that’s how addicted I was to it. Then, later this year (October I guess), after the release of Burn, I found the courage to download her albums. If you ask me, Lights is one of the most perfect albums made in a long time. Although Ellie has a clear electropop style, she made it more enjoyable for me with her catchy style. When she released How Long Will I Love You, she managed to touch me and move me as well. Mission accomplished.

Rita Ora
Love her for: Her musical style and not overdoing her image
Best tracks: Young Single & Sexy, Hot Right Now, How We Do (Party), Roc’ The Life

So there’s not much Rita Ora material to fangirl about yet, but her first album is extremely good! When I was in the USA this past summer, this was the album playing on repeat. The album Ora kinda lives up to its name when you think about it, it’s pure gold with amazingly infectuous R&B songs. I guess I started liking her music because I was growing tired of Rihanna’s image (and music with that), and I was looking for a softer version of her. Rita seemed perfect, so to this day she serves as the soft-Rihanna in my iTunes and I hope she will release more music soon!

Girls’ Generation
Love them for: Their lovely K-pop/J-pop music, diversity and uplifting spirit
Best tracks: Lingua Franca, The Boys I Got A Boy, LOVE&GIRLS, Everyday Love, FLYERS

My greatest vice as a blogger is not noticing SNSD until January this year, right when I Got A Boy came out. I know they’re famous for songs like Hoot, Genie, MR. TAXI, Gee and such, but I haven’t had the time yet to try those songs out and really give them a good listen. So, here’s my first goal for 2014: try some more SNSD. As for what I know about them now, their last two albums were both amazing and very solid, so don’t be surprised if one of the two shows up on the Best Albums list…

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