Kyarypamyupamyu – Mottai Night Land

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Kyarypamyupamyu – Mottai Night Land

1. Mottai Night Land
2. Sungoi Aura
3. Ninjari Ban Ban -extended mix-
4. Mottai Night Land -instrumental-
5. Sungoi Aura -instrumental-

Mottai Night Land is the seventh single by Japanese singer Kyarypamyupamyu, released on November 6, 2013. The title song was used as an au commercial song. The single debuted at #7 on the Oricon Charts.

Wow, a new era already, the Kyary train is moving fast. Mottai Night Land is a fast paced and very cute song that reminds me a bit of ‘Tsukema Tsukeru’, probably because of some of the melodies. Besides that, there’s nothing generic about this typical Kyary song with a lot of quirckiness. I loved that little piano part right after the first chorus and the sightly spookier touch that the second verse had. It’s not as good as many of the ‘Nanda Collection’ era singles, but it comes pretty close.

Ehhhrm, what the heck? I know Kyary makes really cute songs, but Sungoi Aura takes this to a whole new level. This song is even faster than Mottai Night Land, as crazy as that may seem, and there are even some little piccolo notes playing in the background. This makes everything sound like it’s a kiddy song, you know, one that can be found on a CD for toddlers. It’s funny, but well, it’s not my style.

As always, we conclude the single with an extended version of one of Kyary’s older singles. This time, it’s Ninjari Ban Ban -extended version-. For once, Nakata actually worked in a longer and waaaay better introduction that is more ‘club-worthy’. It evolves into the same old song we all know and, in my case, love. Ninjari Ban Ban will always be one of Kyary’s best singles because it just stands out from everything else.

3½ stars


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