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1. Heaven
2. Crazy Driver
3. First Love
4. Heaven (Instrumental)
5. Crazy Driver (Instrumental)

Heaven is the fifth Japanese single by South Korean girl group AFTERSCHOOL, released on October 2, 2013. The single debuted at #6 on the Oricon Charts and has sold 19,884 copies to date.

Just like the cover already suggested, Heaven has a more oldschool kind of style when it comes to the music. The guitars playing in the background play around the bass to make it funky, and the girls emphasize deeper and sultry vocals this time. It makes me think of Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’ or the collab songs by Pharrell and Daft Punk, so these girls know how to stay up to date. Compared to their previous released, this is a much more mature effort. Love it!

Crazy Driver then brings in the dancepop music they have been releasing every now and then, including some very heavily autotuned vocals but that’s quite sassy anyway. This song brings out the Namie Amuro in all the girls when it comes to the vocals and the overall style of the music, it’s so different from the A-side. Again a very mature effort for the group, but there’s not a real highlight in the song that keeps me interested through the entire song. Still, good enough.

And ofcourse, there is the Korean single ‘Cheos Sarang’, or First Love. I totally love this song and its laid back, sultry R&B style. It’s just as oldschool as Heaven so they couldn’t have brought it back better than on this single. It needs a little switching as a listener to go from Japanese to Korean for this song, but once you get used to it after a couple of lines this is just one of the more perfect songs AFTERSCHOOL has ever released.

4 stars


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