Koda Kumi – Summer Trip

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Koda Kumi – Summer Trip

1. Radio Show Start ~LALALALALA~ 【Intro】
3. Show Time ~IS THIS TRAP?~ 【Interlude】
5. Show Time ~TOUCH DOWN~ 【Interlude】
7. Radio Show End 【Outro】

Summer Trip is the fifty-fifth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on July 31, 2013. The single debuted at #6 on the Oricon Charts and has sold 21,290 copies to date.

It’s so funny how Radio Show Start ~LALALALALA~ 【Intro】 actually sounds like a radio introduction (on ‘9.3 Koda Radio’) to a new single, the guy that announces everything is a bit weird but w/e. Very original, haven’t heard this before.
LALALALALA is the first full song on this mega summer single (that must be the 2013 version of 4 Hot Wave and 4 Times and such), and the song is a very energetic and rather rocky one, while the chorus brings in that summer feel. Since this is the first new full song Kuu has released in a long time I was hoping it would kick some serious ass, and luckily it does. The melodies are very catchy, Kuu’s vocals are amazing and this just fits perfectly on a summer single.

Show Time ~IS THIS TRAP?~ 【Interlude】  announces the next song and just tells what the song is about (the good and the bad in Tokyo).
The title IS THIS TRAP? is a bit vague since to me it just sounds like bad English, but it kicks in immediately. It has more of a dance approach to it, which Kuu also does very well. In fact: if it’s not an overly emotional ballad, it’s automatically almost always good stuff. Just like the previous song, this one is very catchy and aggressive with a lot of synths and beats. I’m thinking about keeping this one on repeat.

9.3 Koda Radio continues with the introduction of the next track with Show Time ~TOUCH DOWN~ 【Interlude】 (mostly the guy just says you ‘gotta check out the video’).
TOUCH DOWN has an amazing R&B sound to it, which was the only style that was missing from this single until now. The popping beat and synths make the music stand out from the other songs, but the rest of the song sounds rather empty to me. Such a shame because I have a weak spot for Kuu’s R&B songs. It’s not bad, but I definitely heard better.

Closing the single with Radio Show End 【Outro】, which actually has nice background music if it wasn’t for that weird guy again. 9.3 Koda Radio, over and out.

4 stars


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