Dal★Shabet – Be Ambitious

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Dal★Shabet – Be Ambitious

1. Dal★Shabet Girls
2. Nae Dalileul Bwa
3. Summer Break
4. Hey, Mr. Chu~♥
5. Let It Go
6. Eojjeom
7. Nae Dalileul Bwa (Inst.)

♦ ♦ ♦

Be Ambitious is the sixth mini-album by South Korean girl group Dal★Shabet, released on June 20, 2013.

Dal★Shabet Girls serves as the introduction track since it’s just little over one minute in length, but for such a short track I think it would’ve been great as a full length one! It’s funky with some electric guitar riffs and brass instruments in the background, and the vocals were amazing too. Too bad this isn’t more!

The next track takes on more of a dance/pop style, and some of the parts in the verses remind me a bit of Namie Amuro’s ‘Fight Together’ (the weird associations I make..). Nae Dalileul Bwa is the main track of this mini-album and it has the right amount of attitude to go with it. The chorus and verses don’t really go perfectly together, but the good arrangement and the vocals make everything alright if you ask me. This deserves a couple more plays.

I was hoping for a real summer song with Summer Break, and although it isn’t a groundbreaking track like you sometimes encounter it’s still catchy! The chorus is bound to stay in your head for the rest of the day, and since I’m writing this review in the morning, I’m screwed. It has that typical guitar riff based arrangement that a summer song just needs in my opinion, and the higher pitched vocals actually fit the ambience of the song. Repeat please!

Hey, Mr. Chu~♥ is another catchy song that has a lot of synths and beats in the arrangement. It’s like a Korean Lady Gaga song, really. It’s a little heavier on the raps, I think it’s Ah Young but I’m not sure. Yet whoever it was, it was sassy! The title got me raising my eyebrows a little bit, but that’s just me. The rest of the song is hard to ignore since it’s just a good and fun dance song.

I really wanted a little ballad or midtempo song now, but Let It Go isn’t a bad option either. Ofcourse it’s an uptempo song with big beats and many synths, but the electric guitars in the background give it just a little more edge so that it can be distinguished from the other songs. In fact, this song sounds a lot more mature than some of the other tracks. The girls with deeper vocals get a real chance in the chorus, which is another plus.

Eojjeom started off a bit weird for me because it had some Korean dialogue, and I can’t understand a single word of Korean (duh). Still, I finally get my ballad here! It has an R&B/pop sound for a change and the same amount of mature vocals that Let It Go had, so it instantly caught my attention. I love the melodies in this song, the chorus is just pure perfection for a Dal★Shabet ballad.

I remember reviewing some of Dal★Shabet’s music a while ago, I think I did their first three mini-albums and I pretty much liked them! Then they faded a bit more to the background in favor of other artists, but then I saw that they were going to release Be Ambitious and I was instantly curious. I really liked this mini-album, it has some really catchy songs and if you’re a diehard K-pop fan I’m sure you’ll dig this.

Favorite tracks: Dal★Shabet Girls | Nae Dalileul Bwa | Summer Break | Eojjeom

4 stars

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