Koda Kumi – Cherry Girl / Unmei

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Koda Kumi – Cherry Girl / Unmei

1. Cherry Girl
2. Unmei
3. Cherry Girl -Space Cowboy Remix-
4. Cherry Girl (instrumental)
5. Unmei (instrumental)

Cherry Girl / Unmei is the thirty-fourth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on December 6, 2006. The single reached #3 on Oricon charts and charted for 10 weeks. It sold 61,817 units in its first week and the most recent figures show that it sold a total of 100,275 units.

At first way back, when I was just getting to know Kuu’s music in 2007 or so, I was totally in love with Cherry Girl because of its fierce sound. I thought this totally kicked ass and she almost couldn’t do better than this. Even when I reviewed the album I thought this song was pretty amazing, but by now this track is like faded glory to me. Now when I think of it there isn’t a single dynamic element in this entire song. I just wish the chorus had more impact, but apart from that this still isn’t half bad.

It’s nice to see that Kuu had Unmei accompanying Cherry Girl on this single since this is the soothing ballad of the two. It’s a song I had long overlooked, I never thought it would give me that musical high. Unfortunately that doesn’t show up until the bridge, but the rest of the song isn’t bad either. The melodies are lovely and I like the arrangement (strings, synth riffs, guitars, piano and later on some soft percussion), so the parts of the song leading up to the perfect bridge deserve some attention as well.

Cherry Girl -Space Cowboy Remix- finally is a remix that has an arrangement that FITS THE VOCAL MELODIES. Space Cowboy, good job. Furthermore, that arrangement finally does kick ass since it gives me a bit more funky and brassy version of the original song. It’s not the version I know by heart so this is a welcome change for me. Very original remix, definitely worth a listen.

3½ stars


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