Ayumi Hamasaki – Free & Easy

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Free & Easy

1. Free & Easy “Original Mix”
2. Naturally “dolly remix”
3. still alone “Warp Brothers Extended Mix”
4. Free & Easy “Original Mix – Instrumental”

Free & Easy is the twenty-sixth single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on April 24, 2002. The title track was used as the Panasonic Stereo System “57MD” CM song. Naturally “dolly remix” was used as the KOSÉ VISEÉ CM song. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for nine weeks. It sold 486,520 copies, becoming the #15 single of 2002.

Free & Easy is another song produced by HΛL, the guy who produced most of the songs for ‘I am…’, and he actually won an award for his arrangement on this song right here. I must say it’s quite impressive indeed, starting off with a soft orchestral introduction that brings on a very mysterious ambience before moving into a nice piano section. When Ayu gets introduced you’ll almost think this song is a ballad, but later on the song explodes into a big mash of synths, guitars and drums before returning to the quietness again. Bipolar indeed, but I definitely think this song kicks ass big time because of that. It’s one of Ayu’s most original songs in her early career, so definitely give it a try.

Now there are two remixes on this single that appeared originally on the previous album ‘I am…’. The first one is Naturally “dolly remix”, and although the original already sounded almost like a remix on its own, it gets spiced up even more for this remix. It’s very suited for such a danceable but yet winter-ish remix, and it definitely breaks with the sound of the original (which was in my opinion without any variations at all).

The second remix and with that the last one (which is a huge change on an Ayu single at this point) is still alone “Warp Brothers Extended Mix”, and the word ‘extended’ indeed means over 7 minutes of music. It’s the heavier remix of the two with a long and heavy introduction that needs some time to build up, but after that I guess it’s an average remix (if you ask me at least). I’m not all into the endless amount of pounding beats and such.

3½ stars


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