BENI – Satsuki Ame

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BENI – Satsuki Ame

1. Satsuki Ame
2. Run Away
3. Satsuki Ame (Instrumental)
4. Run Away (Instrumental)

Satsuki Ame is the twenty-third single by Japanese/American singer BENI, released on April 24, 2013. The single debuted at #28 on the Oricon Charts and has sold 2,478 copies to date.

Satsuki Ame is a collaboration between BENI and pianist Shionoya Satoru, and as always it’s one of those breathtaking BENI ballads that manages to stay original and keep me interested from beginning to end. It starts of very small with just BENI and Shionoya’s piano work, which sets the tone for a magical ambience. As the song develops, strings and percussion mix in to give it just a little more kick. I always love it when a ballad takes off like this. It’s very dynamic in the end, and the perfect song for BENI to return with after some additional projects.

I was surprised that, when Run Away came along, it would be completely different from both the A-side on this single as from the rest of her discography. Where BENI has used pop/R&B as her style more often, I have never heard her give her music a more retro approach! It already starts with a sample that feels very nostalgic and old, and after that the actual song is filled with uptempo beats and synths to really spice things up. I like it when BENI takes it down a bit with an oldschool beat and her perfect harmonizations, these more laid back parts of the song fit the overall style after all. Very original and refreshing, especially for a B-side!

5 stars


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