SHINee – Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You

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SHINee – Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You

1. Spoiler
2. Dream Girl
3. Hitchhiking
4. Punch Drunk Love
5. Girls, Girls, Girls
6. Bangbaek
7. Areumdawo
8. Dynamite
9. Runaway

♦ ♦ ♦

Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You is the first chapter of South Korean group SHINee’s third Korean album, released on February 19, 2013. The second chapter, Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of Me, will be released in April 2013. The Misconceptions of You debuted at #10 on the Oricon charts and has sold 16,750 copies to date.

It’s been a while since SHINee last released something big in Korea, so let’s have a look shall we. Spoiler opens a little chaotic and I think it was the same introduction to their song Sherlock (Clue + Note), but the dance song that follows is very catchy indeed. It’s funny how Jonghyun, who wrote the lyrics, incorporated the titles of all the songs on the two albums, hence the title. The song is a good opening for the album, but at times I couldn’t keep track with the beat. Other than that, like I said, very good!

Dream Girl is the lead track for the album and another dance track with a lot of fast beats and synths. The little guitar riffs make the song a little funkier though, so it isn’t as mainstream as I thought. The chorus appears to be extremely catchy, albeit being a little short, but the amazing attitude that comes from the vocals in the verses totally makes up for that. No wonder this was the lead track, it probably slays every other release in Korea.

Hitchhiking is like nothing SHINee has ever released before, I swear this is probably their most agressive song to date. It opens in an entirely different way, but in the verses there are apparenly a lot of synths and bass ready to mix in to incorporate something close to dubstep elements in the song. It’s the typical song that is perfect for guys like Onew and Jonghyun to sing lead in, but Key and Minho spice it up with their raps in the middle of the song. I love this, give me more of this in the future guys! Fun fact: some guy named Hitchhiker has his fingerprints all over this track..

Time to leave the dance influenced tracks behind and move into something more funky with Punch Drunk Love, which is a bit of a weird title for SHINee but I rest my case. This song is very bouncy and while there are still some drum machines and synths in the background, the guitar riffs and overall quality of the track makes this so much different from the previous three tracks. All the guys contributed amazingly to the track, so despite the title this is some good stuff right here.

Girls, Girls, Girls is the shortest song on the album at barely three minutes, but it continues the little bounce the previous track had in a more loungy way. Key’s vocals especially came out perfect with this song, which arrangement consists of some smooth percussion, funky guitar riffs and even some piano notes. It’s a lot more playful and carefree than other songs and I find myself enjoying this very much.

After some dance tracks and bouncy pop tracks, SHINee still managed to make a new genre on the album by mixing those two kinds of music together in Bangbaek. It’s more poppy however, but the synths in the background remind me a bit of 80s dance music. It’s a good song that draws my attention because of its nice arrangement and the good vocals, but other than that this is a little less impressive than the previous tracks. Just a little bit.

Areumdawo is filled with beats and synths again, albeit it pursues a softer approach to the dance styled music at first. In the chorus, it appears as if the guys are trying out some mild Europop/dance here, and I always like to hear them try new stuff. I’m a little less impressed by the vocals for a change, the song doesn’t give the guys a chance to show off their vocal abilities so they stay kinda flat, even Minho’s rap was a little meh.

One of the preview songs from the album was Dynamite, and it doesn’t surprise me that this song is a bit more on the agressive side with a lot of synths. It constantly feels like it needs a little startup, the chorus doesn’t sound so much different from the verses. For a song with this name it’s already on the mildly energetic side, but I don’t think SHINee is giving me everything there is.

Runaway on the other hand makes everything alright again, and although the lyrics might be a little cheesy this song proves that simple dance can be effective enough. Again this reminds me a little of 80s elements, and maybe even a little Nintendo but it stays away from all the cuteness, thank god. The vocals have more depth, and even the vocoder can’t ruin the fun atmosphere.

I’m very pleased with SHINee’s return to Korean music after a string of releases in Japan (they would release Fire, another Japanese single, shortly after this album however, but that was great nonetheless). Although not every track was perfect, nothing was terrible and about 80% of the album was pure gold, just like I’m so used to with these guys. They’ve grown a lot ever since they started out, and I’ll never grow tired of them since they continue to grow and develop their music. They have a clear style, and although they didn’t show everything with this chapter of the album, I’m very curious about the second (I hope it will have a ballad!).

Favorite tracks: Spoiler | Dream Girl | Hitchhiking | Punch Drunk Love | Girls, Girls, Girls | Bangbaek | Runaway

4 stars

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  1. Punch Drunk Love…oh, my goodness -_- this has to be one of the worst SHINee songs ever!!! 😦 But I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jade 🙂

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