Kyarypamyupamyu – Ninjari Ban Ban

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Kyarypamyupamyu – Ninjari Ban Ban

1. Ninjari Ban Ban
2. Unite Unite
3. Minna no Uta -extended mix-

Ninjari Ban Ban is the fifth single by Japanese singer Kyarypamyupamyu, released on March 20, 2013. The title track was used as KDDI au commercial song. The single debuted at #3 on the Oricon charts and has sold 35,584 copies to date.

Wtf her hair looks like a uterus with an umbilical cord. Anyway, let’s get to the song. A song that is called Ninjari Ban Ban has to sound very Japanese and ninja-ish, and in fact it does! This is another typically bizarre A-side, even for Kyary, and since I enjoyed Fashion Monster a while back she can’t go wrong with this. Sure, I wonder if I will ever really like her voice, but it will remain my guilty pleasure until further notice. Warning: this song has an addictive chorus.

Unite Unite is another uptempo Kyary song that Nakata made almost too catchy for words. This is the kind of music I shouldn’t like, and yet I find myself singing along to the catchy chorus. The arrangement is weird yet very playful and pleasant with a toy piano included in there somewhere. Very interesting to say the least, and maybe I’ll listen to this song more often.

Oh my gosh, Minna no Uta -extended mix- brings back the so called ‘new Mario Bros. theme song’ (if you ask me). It’s also like PONPONPON part II with some minor alterations. The arrangement is among the weirdest I’ve ever heard, very cartoonish with low synth notes working around harmonica music. It’s enjoyable nontheless, you’ll just have to be in the right mood for it. The ‘extended version’ part isn’t entirely true because there are only 44 extra seconds added to the original version, but oh well, that happens all the time with Kyary’s extended versions.

Ninjari Ban Ban is another one of those silly little singles I’m probably gonna listen to in one of my super happycore moods, because it’s sillyness all over. It’s even crazier than other Kyary’s other singles, admit it. The A-side did however incorporate some elements I haven’t heard before, like the typical Japanese ninja ambience that was pretty awesome. Nakata went all the way here with creating some new catchy and addictive songs, while bringing back one of the hits from her previous album. I wonder if she’ll release a new album soon after this..

4 stars

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