Namie Amuro – Big Boys Cry / Beautiful

March 3, 2013 at 4:58 PM | Posted in Namie Amuro | 2 Comments

Namie Amuro – Big Boys Cry / Beautiful

1. Big Boys Cry
2. Beautiful
3. Big Boys Cry (Instrumental)
4. Beautiful (Instrumental)

Big Boys Cry / Beautiful is the thirty-eighth single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on March 6, 2013. Both songs were used as KOSE ESPRIQUE commercial songs.

After falling in love with Namie’s latest album ‘Uncontrolled’ I have been waiting for some new material, and couldn’t have imagined she would give something like Big Boys Cry. The song is like a funny hot mess, it has a certain attitude in its own way, but what makes it so original and memorable is the little flute part that keeps playing throughout the song. I wonder what others will think of this song, but I think it will work once people acknowledge how original this song is in her discography. Loved Namie’s vocals here too.

Ofcourse the B-side, Beautiful, has to be a ballad. A bit in the style of ‘Uncontrolled’, but then all mixed into one song: this is a bilingual song in all the sense of the word. Some lines in Japanese, others in English, so I can understand just half of the song and it’s kinda distracting, but the fact that the song itsself is a heartfelt piano ballad and that the English lyrics are very pretty make up for that fact. It gives me the feeling that I’m not missing out on anything here. It balances this single perfectly and vocally, it’s again perfectly executed. Namie gets better and better with every release.

4 stars


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  1. I can’t get over how much I love this single. For me, it’s a perfect 5 stars. I just can’t even…

    • That’s great! I’m sure I will love this single too once I give it more listens but I really like it now already!

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