Namie Amuro – toi et moi

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Namie Amuro – toi et moi

1. toi et moi -Straight Run-
2. toi et moi -A&S NY Bounce Remix-
3. toi et moi – TV Mix-

toi et moi is the twelfth single by Japanese singer Namie Amuro, released on July 7, 1999. The title track was used as the ending theme song for the movie Pokémon: The Movie 2000. It reached #3 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 11 weeks. It sold 272,110 copies, becoming the #85 single of 1999.

toi et moi -Straight Run- starts off pretty weird with Namie rapping quite fast to an urban beat (this is actually her first breakaway from pop music into more of an urban R&B style of music). Some say she didn’t wanna release this song because she didn’t believe it would do well, and I can understand her opinion. Even if it’s the ending theme to the Pokémon movie, I can think of better songs to take that spot. I don’t find many highlights in this song and I was expecting so much more from it since everyone is like ‘OMFG it’s the Pokémon soooong’. Yep, so?

Although toi et moi -A&S NY Bounce Remix- is another static remix (apparently you need to watch out for any remix that features the tag NYC/NY), the music fits Namie’s rapping in the first part. I was hoping for something more afterwards, but this things gets so screwed up it’s not funny anymore. The music and vocals don’t go together AT ALL, it just hurts my ears. Ugh.

1½ star

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