Mika Nakashima – Dear

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Mika Nakashima – Dear

1. Dear
3. Dear (Instrumental)
4. A MIRACLE FOR YOU (2011) (Instrumental)

Dear is the thirty-third single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released on April 27, 2011. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Youkame no Semi. This single includes a new recorded version of her 2002 song “A MIRACLE FOR YOU” and it was used as the CASIO “Sheen” commercial song. The single reached #8 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 8 weeks.

Dear opens with a lovely acoustic guitar melody after which more instruments like strings and even a cute little saxophone melody comes in every now and then. It’s a ballad, obviously, but when it comes to the music it’s a very pleasant and, if you ask me, original ballad. I just hoped that Mika’s vocals would’ve progressed throughout the years, but when she sings full out I find her vocals borderline annoying (it’s bearable in the verses). She gets better as the song develops more and eventually it’s an alright ballad with enough for me to enjoy it.

Apparently they revamped the original track into A MIRACLE FOR YOU (2011), and at the time I’m writing this I don’t know the 2002 version yet so no comparisons here. The strings opening and overall composition reminds me of stuff Ayu would do on her classical albums, but nonetheless it’s beautiful even though it’s the second ballad on this single. It’s a lovely piano driven ballad with some extra strings to make it a little more dramatic every now and then, and even Mika’s vocals are a bit better than on the A-side (except when she tries to sustain long notes but w/e). Lovely track, and as soon as I heard the original I’ll make a comparison haha.

I think I’ll never appreciate Mika’s vocals for the full 100% since she isn’t good at singing long notes clearly enough, which I usually dislike. Nevertheless, when she controls her vocals she does have the power to deliver a song in the right way, and she did well with this ballad-only single. Both songs differed in approach, with the title track being the acoustic guitar track with some minor experimental touches (such as the saxophone) and the B-side contrasting with that by using a classical composition. That’s how you keep a single interesting enough, Mika!

4 stars


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