MusicAddiction In The Mix: Koda Kumi Part II, Cutie Kumi

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Part II of the Mix special, in celebration of Koda Kumi’s upcoming cover album Color The Cover (TBR 2013.02.27). The first mix focused on Kuu’s sexy and fierce songs, this mix is all about happiness and cute songs! Think love, sweet vocals, imagine pink props and cute choreographies, and emerge yourself in this sweet Cutie Kumi mix!

Listen to the mix here:

Koi no Tsubomi
(00:00 – 00:30)
I just like everything about this song, it’s so happy and bouncy and lighthearted.. This just makes you want to pick up that picknick basket and head out on a sunny day. I thought the intro of the song had a pretty magical sound to it with the strings crescendo so it was perfect for opening this mix. This song doesn’t only prove that cute and fluffy songs don’t always need overly cute vocals, it shows that Kuu can sing like a baws.

Lick me ♥
(00:30 – 01:00)
By now I’m sure the title refers to ice cream, haha. Before this song was released I was expecting another dirty song like JUICY or something, I certainly didn’t expect this cute summer pop song with a great sense of energy. In the PV, Kuu dresses up as Strawberry Girl, Mango Girl and Chocolate Girl in an ice cream parlour and it’s just too cute ❤ Upbeat, heavy on the synths, it’s a great song to listen to when you sit back with your cocktail.

Birthday Eve
(01:00 – 01:30)
One of the songs from the BEST ~second session~ that had a clear concept. This song represented the USA (not very clearly, but somehow I still see the point) and it was supposed to sound like American teen pop / bubblegum pop. They succeded to make that last thing work, so here’s the cutest song from that BEST album. The xylophone just does it, and the brass instruments in the background give it that happy touch. Typical song for this mix.

(01:30 – 02:00)
JUST LOOK AT THAT TITLE. Need I say more? It wasn’t instant love at first sight with this song, but eventually it was love. From thinking this song is too generic, I ended up falling in love with the chorus and the positive message and sound of it. Get swept away, folks.

It’s a small world
(02:00 – 02:30)
A guilty pleasure if you’re a Disney fan like me. And by guilty pleasure I mean liking the song and singing along to it even though Kuu’s English is THE WORST. The fact that I know the lyrics saved me from burning this at first, but well, the tropical feel eventually made me like it. And it’s Disney, come on, don’t blame me.

(02:30 – 03:00)
Obvious pick, the cutest track from the ‘Kingdom’ album and the track that should become the next Mario Karts theme song in my opinion. Kuu’s vocals are a little bit on the cuter side here to match the Nintento ambience (the overly cute sound effects really do the trick here), and I just couldn’t help but put this song here because it belongs in this mix, right?

(03:00 – 03:30)
There are a lot of controversies going on about this song, but to me it’s another happy, uptempo track with just a touch of cuteness. Maybe it’s just the title (combined with the gorgeous music), but this song always makes me think of a clear blue sky on a warm spring day. Deep, huh? And because of those positive feels this song gives me, it belongs more in this mix than it does in the Part I mix.

(03:30 – 04:00)
Bet you saw this one coming. Most of the Kumi fans I know totally burned this song and hoped they’d never hear it again, ‘the disaster of Deja Vu’. I don’t think it’s a disaster at all, it’s just… different. Okay, cheesy lyrics, check. Makes no sense, check. But happy?? DOUBLE CHECK. Lalala melting chocolate..

Twinkle ~English Version~
(04:00 – 04:30)
My least favorite song of the entire mix, but sometimes it’s not about personal taste here. I really HATE Kuu’s English here (‘crap yo whands‘), but the song reminds me a little bit of Tinkerbell stuff if you know what I mean. It fits the prescription for this mix: uptempo, happy, lighthearted and cute. So I know it shouldn’t be here because it’s probably her worst song ever, but well, here it is.

Love Technique
(04:30 – 05:00)
Just listen to those vocals in the semi-rap sequence, could Kuu get any more chipmunk than that? It’s just so cute, one of the cutest things she did in her music. Love Technique wasn’t exactly the first song I though of when I came up with this concept, but eventually it occured to me that this song was one of the happiest and lighthearted tracks that ‘JAPONESQUE’ had to offer. And just look at the PV, says enough, right?

(05:00 – 05:30)
Slowing things down a little bit with this track from the album ‘Kingdom’, but still the strings made it light and happy. Actually, when listening to this song, the first word that comes to mind is ‘bubbly’, strangely enough. But that’s just what this track is to me. Also, it was my absolute favorite of the album when it came out back in 2008. Sweet memories of a great vacation in the sun ❤

Simple & Lovely (m-flo loves Koda Kumi)
(05:30 – 06:00)

With just one song missing, I decided to go for this one. It’s the chipmunk voice in some parts of the song (it’s also in the chorus if you listen closely), and the title just screams that it’s not a depressing song. I filtered out m-flo for this mix because he and his bad boy attitude destroyed everything this mix stands for, so it’s just Kumi here to finish the mix off with a less well-known track that I secretlty adore.

Thanks for joining me today, this was Part II of the two-part Koda Kumi mix special on Music Addiction in celebration of her forthcoming cover album. I thought this was a special and kind of unexpected way to celebrate, but it was much fun putting the two posts together. I hope you enjoyed the mixes and let’s countdown to February 27!


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