JeA – Just JeA

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JeA – Just JeA

1. Days & Nights (feat. Eric Benét)
2. Gilgoyangi
3. Geudaega Jamdeun Sai
4. Anaboja (feat. Jung Yup)
5. Silent Stalker (feat. Double K)

♦ ♦ ♦

Just JeA is the debut solo album by Brown Eyed Girls member JeA, released on January 4, 2013.

Days & Nights (feat. Eric Benét) is a stunning track that already caught me completely off guard because I didn’t expect the smooth pop/R&B sound it had. It actually takes me back a bit to the late 90s with its strings, acoustic guitar and overall ambience. It’s funny to see JeA collaborate with her favorite singer Eric Benét here, and they sound very good together. They managed to make the first track a very memorable one, even though it was a ballad that served as the album opener.

The next song, Gilgoyangi, is a very different song with a 180 approach when compared to the first track. It follows a more sexy retro pop sound with some whimsical effects, like the whistling and JeA singing ‘doodoodoodoo‘ in the hooks. This track combines sexy and funny if you ask me, and it doesn’t matter how you put it because the bottom line is that it’s a song that will make you happy.

Geudaega Jamdeun Sai is the lead track of the album, and I didn’t expect it to be this winter power ballad track. The sleigh bells in the background take me back to the holidays, but the male background vocals and JeA’s own vocals in full range just throw the emotions right at you. I can’t remember having heard another powerful K-pop ballad track like this one, completely with succesful electric guitar solo in the middle of the song. Very strong lead track after all!

Anaboja (feat. Jung Yup) has all of its focus on the singing for a change. Both JeA and Jung Yup sing in a higher register, so their voices match perfectly when singing together. Also, their vocals and timbre are perfect for soft R&B songs like these. It’s no the highlight on the album, but it’s a track that deserves some credit because of the incredible vocals set to simple music.

After some slow and mellow songs, it’s time to put in some energy with Silent Stalker (feat. Double K). This track is high on nods to dubstep and dance, vocoders and distortions, while still laying low with a mysterious ambience. I totally hated Double K’s performance here, but well, can’t change that. Despite the original arrangement and creepy feel, I would say this is my least favorite track of the album.

I’m surprised by JeA’s first solo album, she managed to make it very enjoyable by exploring more than one musical genre. The best thing about her are her vocals ofcourse, damn that girl can sing. No wonder she is BEG’s leader, here vocals are the best of the entire group. The only misser on this album was the last track, I just couldn’t tie a knot there, but the other tracks that preceeded it were close to being pure gold, especialy the lead track. Please do more solo work JeA!

Favorite tracks: Days & Nights (feat. Eric Benét) | Gilgoyangi | Geudaega Jamdeun Sai | Anaboja (feat. Jung Yup)

4½ stars

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