Dal★Shabet – Pink Rocket

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Dal★Shabet – Pink Rocket

1. Shakalaka
2. Pink Rocket
3. Geudaero Meomchwora
4. Rollin Fallin
5. Pink Rocket (Inst.)

♦ ♦ ♦

Pink Rocket is the second mini-album by South-Korean girl group Dal★Shabet, released on April 14, 2011.

Shakalaka, oh my, what are you doing to me. Dal★Shabet has given me another catchy track that can stay in yoru head for, probably, a month or so. They managed to mix their cute musical style (with some poppy twists) with their kickass agressive vocals. I can really understand why this song was so popular among fans and, people like me, casual listeners. The ‘BOOM-BOOM, BOOM, lalalalaa‘ and ‘Boom shaka laka, boom shaka laka, boom shaka laka‘ are so addictive in the chorus, this is gonna play in my head for the next couple of days for sure.

The title track and lead single Pink Rocket follows more of a heavy electropop style which I really like on K-pop groups. Some of the lines and melodies remind me of an older Western dance song, but I can’t seem to figure out which one (which happens quite often to me..). One thing: if you don’t think this song is cute, watch the MV. Seriously, pink and cute childish dances all over. Anyway, when you just listen to the song, it’s just a very nice dance song with a lot of Engrish!

Geudaero Meomchwora is the next uptempo happy song on the tracklist, and judging from the sound alone this song is all about having fun and partying. It really is a fun song, very happy-slappy and it makes you wanna get up and dance. ‘Hands up in the air and shake your hand! //  Shout out in the air and clap your hand!‘. Little dance instruction lyrics always contribute to a great catchy song. Says enough, right?

Moving on to a more mellow pop style on the album with Rollin Fallin. It’s the first Dal★Shabet to feel a little empty, like there is something missing to make it as catchy as the rest of their songs. I like the fact that it doesn’t sound like those other songs when you talk about musical styles, and the little brassy elements are indeed very original, but it’s not a complete strike if you ask me. Little bit on the fence this one, don’t know what I think about it yet.

I don’t think any Dal★Shabet release will ever beat their first mini, but we’ll see. Their second mini was very good as well, but just not as good as the first. I adored the first two tracks on this album, they were probably two of the most addictive and catchy songs ever released in K-pop history and therefore I think I might grow fond of these girls eventually. The third song already felt a little less good, but still I enjoyed it very much, and the fourth.. Well have to see about that one. For now, I have to say it was a pretty good release!

4 stars


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