TaeTiSeo – Twinkle

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TaeTiSeo – Twinkle

1. Twinkle
2. Baby Steps
3. OMG (Oh My God)
4. Library
5. Annyeong
6. Cheoeumi Eotjyo
7. Checkmate

♦ ♦ ♦

Twinkle is the debut mini-album by South-Korean Girls’ Generation’s subgroup TaeTiSeo, released on April 29, 2012.

The fun retro sound that can be found in K-pop more often nowadays clearly returns in Twinkle, something I actually didn’t expect coming from a couple of Girls’ Generation members. Wat also surprises me is how catchy and addictive this song is. The concept is pretty simple, but the little funky retro touch and amazing vocals make it more than it appears to be on the outside. Taeyeon’s vocals are the best ofcourse with her ultra high adlibbing near the end of the song, but Tiffany and even Seohyun are very talented as well. Who says Girls’ Generation doesn’t have talented singers?!

Baby Steps is more of a Pop/R&B ballad and it puts the tracklist in some kind of schizo mood because it’s put right after the sassy Twinkle. Still I’m very impressed by the overall feel. It’s not the overly cute or heavily emotional K-pop ballad track, and yet it’s not too dry either. This ballad found the perfect balance to just be appealing and pretty without overdoing it. Great vocals again, makes me wonder why I still haven’t listened to music from the entire group… *slaps herself*

Back to the brassy retro stuff with OMG (Oh My God). I thought nothing was gonna beat that perfect lead track, but this track comes quite close with some surprising twists in the song (especially in the chorus’ melodies) and great attitude. To be honest, this even has more attitude than Twinkle had, so let’s make it a tie. Taeyeon apparently can’t stop showing off her great vocals but since she’s so good I’ll just let her.

Even with the 80’s kick drum, Library sounds like the first mainstream and stereotype K-pop song with a good dance beat and typical patterns. What gives this track the unexpected different touch is the use of an electric guitar in the background and some bells in the chorus. Makes it kind of cute and winter-ish for an April album, but it’s K-pop. After listening to this song, I find that it’s not as generic as I thought at first and I enjoyed this very much since it’s very uplifting.

Annyeong sounds like another song I know, but I can’t seem to figure out which one it is. Also, in my opinion this song has kind of a Christmas song vibe to it, maybe it’s just the tempo and the piano parts or maybe I’m just crazy. It’s the cutest song yet, but on the other hand what makes it adorable is what makes this song so extremely catchy. It sheds another light on the retro concept of this album, and it does that extremely well for a change.

Cheoeumi Eotjyo (omfg what a title to memorize when you’re not Korean) continues the style of the album (with every track sounding completely different from the rest, that is). Being the second ballad on the album next to Baby Steps, it explores a more soulful side of K-pop music. The background beat is pretty basic with some 80s influences, but the little piano riffs and the vocals make it soulful which is something I haven’t found yet on this album. One minor detail: this song is way too short.

The last song on the original tracklist is Checkmate, which is probably the song with the most attitude of all. The kickdrum beat together with the electric guitar riffs and raw vocals make it the badass song on the album and that’s exactly what I was missing. Talking about your last minute surprises… The drumbeat definitely is the center of attention in this song and I always enjoy a good beat. This one reminds me a bit of the opening section to BoA’s ‘Easy’, but maybe that’s a little too far fetched. Nice brassy elements here too.

I didn’t expect TaeTiSeo, a group with such a cheesy name, to release such an AMAZING debut mini-album. I hope the word ‘debut’ means that there’s more coming up in 2013 because these girls are great! Minus the fact that it’s always Taeyeon that keeps the boat afloat, this group actually works because they took the girls that are probably SNSD’s best vocalists and put them together in one group with a very appealing musical style. True, it’s the style that everyone in the K-pop business is trying nowadays, retro is making its comeback there, but apart from SPICA’s latest mini-album I haven’t heard anything that makes it sound GOOD. TaeTiSeo caught my attention!

Favorite tracks: Twinkle | Baby Steps | OMG (Oh My God) | Library | Annyeong | Cheoeumi Eotjyo | Checkmate

5 stars



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  1. If I ignore the vocals, which were clearly better in “Holler”, I’d say this was the better album, with ‘Library’ being the best on here, although, I didn’t like ‘OMG’.

    So I finally got around to listening to TTS. Could I’ve lived without hearing them? – Yes. Are they better than SNSD? – NO WAY! I’m I glad I heard them? – Sure! Now I know what everyone is talking about, when they say it’s the be-all and end-all, which I quite frankly think — it isn’t! Just like groups going solo; it never really works…

  2. The cover of this mini is really scary! What happened to them and what is that hair? >.< Anyway, Tae-Tae's vocals in "Twinkle" really bothered me! Did my eyes deceive me or is that EXO's Chanyeol in the "Twinkle" MV? I just don't remember anything on this mini! I didn't like anything at all! Am I picky? Am I harsh? It's true, though 😦 Someone wake me up and give me "Holler", please! Someone told me I should listen to TTS and acted like they were amazing. Not! -_- But it doesn't hurt to listen, right? I gave them a go and I don't like them. Sorry, girls! 😦

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