Koda Kumi – Koishikute

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Koda Kumi – Koishikute

1. Koishikute
2. Alone

Koishikute is the 54th single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on December 26, 2012.

Well, since it’s December 21 and we’re all still here (right guys? ;p), let’s just move on and do this thing!

I already thought Koishikute was gonna be a ballad, and I also expected a little bit more winter vibes than I actually got from it. I mean, it’s a nice, emotional ballad, fits right into her discography but no, no winter bells or ‘stay with me’ vibes from this one. Doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable, there’s a beautiful arrangement going on here with lots of strings, a piano and soft percussion. It builds up into something that’s more like a power ballad, another very good aspect of the song. Kuu’s ballads are usually good in my opinion, and although this one may not sound very original, I suppose I really like it eventually because of Kuu’s very impressive vocals.

Alone is a cover of a Mayo Okamoto song (don’t know who that is, excusez-moi), and ofcourse another ballad. It’s a lot calmer than the A-side but the soft arrangement is actually nice for a change. I know Kuu can oversing a ballad, but she doesn’t even get the chance to do that on this one. The song itself got some ‘meh’ comments here and there, but I must say I find the chorus melodies very appealing. The guitar gives it a nice and a bit of a funky touch, so it also distinguishes itself from the previous ballad. Material for her next cover album (TBR February 2013) perhaps?

So why wasn’t this on the ‘Best Singles of 2012’ list? Simple, because it’s not among the top 10 and for that ‘Go to the top’ was a better single. But still, doesn’t mean that this single is bad! It could’ve been #11 or #12, who knows. Two ballads on one single usually doesn’t work, because ballads (and especially Kuu’s) can sound alike. Not in this case. Kuu gave us two very different ballads, one with lots of power and emotion and one with a more relaxed feel. If you have to release an all-ballad single, than go ahead and do it this way. But ofcourse, Kuu can’t go wrong if you ask me.

4 stars


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