SHINee – 1000 Nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…

December 14, 2012 at 10:32 AM | Posted in SHINee | 1 Comment

SHINee – 1000 Nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…

1. 1000 Nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…2. Kimi ga Iru Sekai

1000 Nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite… is the sixth Japanese single by South-Korean boy group SHINee, released on December 12, 2012. The single debuted at #2 on the Oricon Charts and it has sold 29,583 copies as of December 14.

I love how Key opens 1000 Nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite… with some Christmas/winter bells accompanying him in the introduction. Each member has a line in the verse, but then they get into the amazing chorus where some of them hit pretty high notes (Jjong…). The vocals are great, and although Minho still isn’t the best singer in the group, his rap was awesome again. The song itsself is a midtempo song with an emotional ambience, and a little bit of Christmas in there too. Great original A-side from the boys!

A very good beat, later accompanied by a nice piano melody, is the center point of Kimi ga Iru Sekai. I’ve heard this song before when listening to it with one of my friends and we both thought it was pretty good, but now I hear it again and I’m even more amazed by this song. It’s actually way too good to be ‘just’ a B-side. I love the singing melodies in the chorus, the vocals (especially Jonghyun’s, Key’s and Onew’s) and the overall ambience that’s somewhere  between a ballad and a midtempo song. It’s really worth it.

So one of my friends recently bought this single, and I can say it wasn’t a bad decision of hers! It’s a great single with two equally great tracks, and although they kind of follow the same tempo pattern they don’t sound alike at all and they are even quite unique in SHINee’s discography. It’s gonna be a battle between this one and ‘Dazzling Girl’ because one of them is definitely gonna be featured here as one of the best singles of 2012!

5 stars


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  1. 1000 is one of my all-time favorites!!! Love it! Both songs are great! Five stars!!! Woo-hoo! *Claps* 😀 ❤ 🙂

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