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1. Oh Yeah (feat. Hyun A)
2. G.O.O.D Luv
3. My Dream

JUST BLAQ is the first single by South-Korean boy group MBLAQ, released on October 14, 2009. Member Cheon Dung did not participate on the single; he joined the group only 15 days before their debut to replace an unknown fifth member that left MBLAQ due to health issues.

Oh Yeah (feat. Hyun A) is actually a pretty good song! Although the guys say the title words waaaay too much in the chorus, they all have really good voices. The opening to the song was a surprise with that Spanish acoustic guitar and Joon (right?) saying ‘Hey.. Amigos!‘, very original and it cracked me up haha. I hope I’m right about all their names because I don’t know this group yet, but I think Mir opened the first verse and he did it very well. G.O. probably has the best vocals in the group since he reminds me a bit of Jonghyun. For a first song on the single and my first acquaintance with the group, it was a quircky but fun song! Hyun A was annoying but w/e.

Although G.O.O.D Luv probably isn’t as appealing as Oh Yeah, it’s still a very catchy song and I think I will defintely like it even more when I listen to it more often in the future. Again, the title words are well represented, but on the other hand that makes up for most of the catchy elements in the song. It has more of a happy feel than the previous track and also lots and lots of synths to give it another kind of touch. I loved G.O.’s adlibs.

Time for a ballad now. My Dream sounds pretty emotional with those slow beats and strings, and it definitely shows off the guys’ singing skills (especially G.O.’s again haha). The chorus is half in English (‘You’re my dream, you’re my soul, you’re my reason‘) and they sing it well, no Enrish. It makes me understand how lovely and beautiful this song actually is. The music and vocals build into the highlight of the song right after the bridge, with some amazing adlibs and an electric guitar mixing in. Loved this.

The story of how I got to know this group is actually pretty funny. There was this girl sitting in front of me during a lecture at the university yesterday, playing K-pop quizes and downloading music on her laptop. I saw it, and during the break I tapped her on her shoulder and was like “OMG, are you into K-pop as well?” “Yes I am! =D” So we started talking about our fav’s and she recommended this group, so I decided to download their first single and I’m glad I did! This single instantly shows three different sides of MBLAQ’s music, all equally amazing, there wasn’t a single song here that I didn’t like. I think I’ve found a new group I can fangirl about because they pretty much resemble SHINee in some ways (don’t kill me please) and I’m sure I’ll love their music just as much if the rest of their discography is like this!

5 stars


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