SPICA – Lonely

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SPICA – Lonely

2. With you
3. Geunal Bam
4. Since you’re out of my life
5. LONELY (Inst.)

♦ ♦ ♦

Lonely is the second mini-album by South-Korean girl group SPICA, released on November 21, 2012.

LONELY is definitely not what I expected by the title and just the whole K-pop genre. Instead of electronic music or a haunting ballad or anything, I get a very funky pop song to open the mini-album. Ji Won (I think) and Bo Ah get the first verse, and I have totally no negative comments on any of the vocals since all these girls are so skilled. Still Bo Ah and Bo Hyung remain the most talented members. Bo Hyung gets to do the amazing adlibs she’s so good at and they even made sure Joo Hyun could do some of her raps. She’s not the best rapper in the industry but it’s decent.

I think the entire mini-album will pursue a more retro style since With you gives the same kind of vibe. Although midtempo R&B, the electric guitar in the background gives it more of a funky feel in the background. The monologue between the chorus and the second verse is very cute, don’t know who does it but she sounds cute, haha. The little keyboard / organ notes in the background are a nice vintage touch too.

Geunal Bam is the first song that sounds more like general K-pop music with a strong beat, a little more electronic music and opening raps by Joo Hyun. Still the little synth notes in the background and the sound of the percussion make it a little more retro too, it’s like they mixed two styles to create one new. The second verse finally shows the strongest side of Joo Hyun’s raps together with a heavier electric guitar sound in the background. Another great and energetic song that’s highly enjoyable!

The final track, and the only ballad on the mini-album, is the R&B ballad Since you’re out of my life. This track features some great harmonizations and layered vocals in the chorus, led by the amazing Bo Ah. Bo Hyung and Bo Ah prove themselves as the best freestyle singers of the group with their fabulous adlibs in the second half of the song. Although the other girls stay more in the background, they really take this track to the next level and make me love its subtility even more.

Even though this mini-album only has four tracks, I think I like this even more than their first mini-album’s repackage that I reviewed back in April: ‘Painkiller’. On that album I totally adored the title track, but after reviewing the album it was actually the only track I really listened to. I think this album will get more plays from me, especially since all tracks are amazingly good efforts by this group, that has just started in the business. I know it’s very common for K-pop artists and groups to release many mini-albums, but they can release a full album now, I wouldn’t mind!

Favorite tracks: LONELY | With you | Geunal Bam | Since you’re out of my life

5 stars


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